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Summer Murals of Appreciation

I came of age with the military when I sort of knew my uncles were in World War II but it never occurred to me to ask them what that was like for them. I remember somehow knowing not to ask.

By the time I was waking up to an outside-of-Niles-Michigan world, there were fellow students wearing afros on campus and my brother was told to go, and went, to Viet Nam and came back. (We’re still trying to make up for the thanks and appreciation not expressed to our soldiers of that time.)

I admit to a naïve bias and preference for a military-free world. I identified with the one who put a flower in the barrel of the soldier’s gun.

So, it surprises me that I now collaborate with others to see that our military feel appreciated. North County Blue Star Mothers were a big part of my wakeup call on this. Their children serve.

To honor those who serve, our third collaboration (with you perhaps?) are our HeArt Fest Military Appreciation Murals directed straight at the hearts of our military.

Imagine 1 to 8 people gathered around a three-foot by six-foot paper mural with scented magic markers in hand.

The idea? Color (inside or outside the lines) and gift it in appreciation to those who signed on to, if necessary, give their lives for our security. BIG.

Summer. It suggests times of ease and fun sprinkled throughout our regular lives.
May it also have some time for summer parades of appreciation in it too.
Cath DeStefano, Author, Keynote Speaker, Artist
Military Appreciation Murals:

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