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By Aubree Lynn, Stylist/Writer/Producer

Actress and host of “The Real,” Tamera Mowry Housley, is pictured with Stylishly Aubree Lynn wearing a Lizz Russell Collection at the Warner Bros Studio 10 on the set of the talk show.

Back in November of 2016 I had the beautiful and talented actress, producer and entrepreneur, Tamera Mowry Housley, co-host of the Emmy winning talk show, “The Real,” take over my Instagram. Since then I had been asked if I wanted to go to the show to connect with the co-host and meet the producer. Though it had been a long time since we initiated contact, I really wanted to attend. Finally, this past May, I told my husband that for my birthday let’s make this happen. So we did.

I met with Designer Lizz Russell of the, and she styled me in one of her two-piece ensembles in fuschia pink, which just popped. I got the dress code restrictions and though the bright color was on point for the audience attire, the sleeveless top was not. So Lizz and I regrouped and she added a creative sleeve in the same fabric and color to each shoulder, which worked out perfectly. We matched the outfit with layers of pearls and my first ever Lizz Russell handbag. To finish the ensemble, I threw on a pair of way too high strappy, stiletto heels.

The long drive to LA that day was not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, we stopped in Huntington Beach where we met our friends who have a new born. The meet and greet experience made the traffic and drive worth it. Around 4 p.m. we finally arrived at The Beverly Hills Marriott where we were greeted with fruit filled champagne in flutes and headed straight to the pool for some serious relaxation.

Later that evening, we had reservations to the oldest restaurant in LA, Musso and Franks. This place has been around since 1919. How cool is that? The atmosphere was that of the 20s, low lighting, red booths, wood accents throughout, coat hangers on each booth, and music of gentile Frank Sinatra playing in the background.

The hustle and bustle of LA traffic, and the waves and crush of people, make for a challenging trip. However, a quick getaway for mom and dad (me and my husband), who don’t ever take time off, was a nice escape. And here we were, preparing to attend “The Real.” That alone was reason for all the extra effort and commotion.

We confirmed the later, noon taping to avoid the early morning traffic and other challenges on Monday in LA. That was smart. We slept in and had breakfast in the hotel, took our time to get ready and arrived at Warner Bros Studio where we stood in the VIP line with a few others. This allowed us to meet some very nice people who we bonded with before going in for the taping.

They finally called us in to the studio and we took our seats. It was a fun vibe. Dave, the producer, came up to me and gave me a hug. He talked to us for a minute and asked if he could take us backstage after the show. “Absolutely!,” was our response.

It was pretty exciting and not what I was expecting, to have that opportunity to be in the center of the energy leading up to the show. Then it started. The girls came out: Adrienne, Loni, Jeannie and Tamera walked down to start the show. These infamous stars walked to their table and the energy was off the charts.

Unfortunately, one of the cameras blocked Tamera’s face, which restricted her from seeing me. However, near the end of the show we finally made eye contact. We waved and smiled. Producer Dave took us to a back area and we got to talk for a while until Tamera arrived.

She screamed and held out her arms. We hugged and laughed, and finally we got to meet in person. I introduced her to my husband. Tamera stated that she already felt like she knew us. That was a pretty cool compliment.

We then found a spot to take a photo and chatted about motherhood, having a boy first, then a girl, as that is what she has and soon I am about to have a girl. We talked about potty training, her schedule for the show, her new HGTV show with her husband Adam Housley, and the newest addition to her family, that being her sister Tia’s new baby.

My husband and Tamera chatted about being twins. We learned that they are both two minutes apart from their siblings and the older of the two. It was a very cool and special encounter. As I was talking to her I felt like I was talking to a friend I had not seen in a long time. Then I would look at her face and think, “This is Tamera, a girl I grew up watching with my brother and now watching as an adult and now meeting.” This is awesome!

How cool is this? Dave walked us out and told me we need to come back as they still have two more years in the contract. I thanked him deeply or making this happen.

As we departed the studio, on our way home, and over the next few days it continued to feel like a dream. The concept of La La Land became reality. It truly felt like we fell asleep, did all these cool things, and woke up back to the reality of life. I will never forget this experience and the people I met. It was a great start to my 33rd year of life.

Tamera isn’t just an actress and mother, she is a role model, a truthful person who walks the talk, a noble person with integrity and loyalty. She is the kind of women I want my soon to be daughter following from childhood to adulthood, and eventually meeting in real life. I believe the people I met are rare these days, especially being a Hollywood born and raised actress. It was truly a refreshing and assuring experience to witness.

A big thank you to Lizz Russell for the beautiful ensemble, my husband for making the plans and driving us to LA, my parents for watching our kiddo, and of course Dave and Tamera for being genuine people who care about their fans. Now a big congrats to “The Real” for a well deserved Emmy.

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