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Help Each Other

In my youth I might have thought otherwise, but now I know: in each life, there is pain.

It helps to know what some of our fellow humans do when the painful times come. May the following help you too.

“I first panic, then take charge in the way an old horse would, slow and measured. And I call on friends.” Natalie Goldberg, Author of Writing Down the Bones

“When the going gets tough, I make sure I keep up the routines that are important to me, especially meditation, exercise, and good nutrition.” Andrew Weil, Author of Breathing & Integrative Medicine

“I take the next opportunity to stop being busy, to create some breathing room for myself. Sometimes I go out and listen to the rhythm of the natural world.” Jane Seaton, Author of Artlife

I think it does help to know we are not alone in life. All of us are dealing with something.

And I think it does help to help.

When someone you know and love is in pain, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, a kind gesture can touch one’s heart and ease the pain a bit.

Here are some ways to help others:

  • Help with the kids.
  • Make a meal.
  • Give a ride to an appointment.
  • Help with chores.
  • Don’t ask; just do it. Mop a floor. Vacuum.

Whatever helps them feel loved.

  • Listen, just listen. NOT offering solutions. Just listen so they can hear themselves.

We need to help each other.

Cath DeStefano, Author, Fun Workshop Leader
Book Excerpt: Vital Signs! for Life by Cath

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