Tell Our Elected Officials We Pay for Clean Water; So Stop Contaminating It

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It is five years later and finally the glue that holds the fluoridation house of cards together is starting to collapse. It’s mainly because those who support it haven’t been willing to have a rational debate/discussion about it. And, I know from experience.

Back in 2011, I became one of hundreds of people who created an organization called San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water.  We learned that an ill-advised donation of $3.9 million to fund fluoride treatment of our drinking water had been made possible by First 5 San Diego.  Without the donation, the city would not have been able to justify their blatant disregard for the will of its constituents by adding Hydrofluosilicic acid to our tap water.

Children deserve safe drinking water.

Children deserve safe drinking water.

For reference, in 1954  and 1968 San Diegans voted twice to ban fluoride compounds, and further banned any city official, whether elected or appointed, from adding fluoride to our tap water. The city administration (in 2011) said they had the option of following the state law instead of San Diego’s ban on fluoride if they use “outside” funding.

Ironically, First 5 San Diego’s funding, which comes from tobacco taxes, was used as a loophole to undermine the will of San Diegans who voted TWICE to keep our water safe from fluoride. The Union Tribune did a poll in January 2011 which reflected that 66 percent of San Diegans were opposed to fluoride in our water.

Finally, after five long years, the pendulum is turning.  As one might expect, it took a lawsuit to make the point known.  On page 16 of this issue, there is an article that explains the recent action that was taken to bring attention to the fact that Hydrofluosilicic acid has been added to our tap water at our expense, of $500,000.00 per year, without your approval, your consent.

Does that make me mad? You Bet!

I remember meeting with some of our elected officials, including Todd Gloria, who is now running for Assembly, who advocated to support this unfathomable funding of this toxic product that causes disproportionate harm to our children, especially children of color. It can cause their teeth to disintegrate, which is called dental fluorosis.  He laughed when I and a dentist (one of his constituents and donors) shared our concerns and the options to correct children’s dental fluorosis, including capping teeth with silver. He said, “Kids today think silver teeth is cool. They will like it.”

Excuse me, who thinks silver teeth are cool?

I can tell you who doesn’t think it’s cool.  Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta, GA, and ambassador to the U.N., has spoken out against fluoride-treated water.  And, Martin Luther King’s daughter, Bernice King, and his niece, Alveda King, have spoken out against fluoridation. Alveda King also called for FluorideGate investigations to find out why this information has been kept from citizens.

Am I mad, you bet!  Am I glad to see that this unquestionably wasteful and harmful pollution of our water may end? You bet!


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