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Bliss your way

We owe it to ourselves to tune into what really fulfills us. Not society’s values nor our parents’ values but our very own values.

All along life, we are adding and subtracting values, hopefully designing the life we want.

Although sometimes uncomfortable, it’s freeing to drop away some of the ways I was raised and find my own paths I want to travel.

For example, fishing runs in our family. There are multigenerational pictures of men, and yes the women too, holding fish picked out of Michigan and Canadian waters. I even think my parents went fishing on their honeymoon…okay, fine. Not for me.

In my pursuit of what satisfies, one of my heroes and guides is Joseph Campbell who is famous for saying, “follow your bliss.” Still another way of saying “pursue that which fulfills.”

In the book “Reflections on the Art of Living,” Joseph Campbell writes:

When the world

        seems to be falling apart,

        the rule is to hang onto our own bliss.

        It’s that life that survives.

My point? Odd or silly as it might seem, may we choose and commit to that which satisfies and fulfills…that which ultimately brings us contentment with our own lives.9-sept-art-for-human-tuneup-column

Bliss out. Bliss your way.


Cath DeStefano, Author, Fun Workshop Leader

Book Excerpt: Vital Signs! for Life by Cath



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