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by Aubree Lynn

The New Year is an opportunity to start fresh and get rejuvenated. How about some old fashioned pampering for the skin you wear. A little over a years ago I had the pleasure of meeting esthetician Tricia Beel of Blossom Organic Skin Care. Since then, she has kept my skin clear and protected from the damages we surround our skin in day in and out. There are so many harmful, chemically enhanced and modified lotions and elixirs we use daily as a part of our regimen. If we care about what we are putting in our bodies, why don’t we care as much about what we are using on our skin? Our skin is an organ that absorbs the products we use on our skin.

Fact is, our skin is the lasting ensemble and the timeless piece we present to the world regardless of the clothes we choose. Aside from wearing a ski mask, most of us show our dermis daily. We want to stay in fashion but we neglect this the most.

Beel has done significant research and her findings are now used solely in her studio. She has learned how to replenish and accomplish healthy and younger looking skin. During her quest for organic healthy products she received a phone call from Dr. Alkaitis whose slogan reads, “If you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin.” This became the fundamental element to the line of products she uses on her skin and recommends to clients. This line contains all edible ingredients that have been proven for centuries to nourish skin from the outside in. Tricia works with only the best quality products including: Dr. Alkatis Holistic Organic Skin Food, 302 Professional Skincare, and doTERRA. In combination with ultra-sound, this is a sure fire way to visibly see results. What is better than using earth’s ingredients to hydrate, smooth, and fill the cracks that we have created over the years?

One client noted, “I’m always amazed after a facial how much my creases are less visible.” Another stated, “I never knew a facial could be relaxing and I love the way my skin feels after the pampering.”

Healing essential oils from doTERRA are infused into the air of her newly remodeled studio. The organic oils have proven to heal sickness, help relieve and eliminate migraines, aid in sleep, detoxify and much more. I now use them myself.

If your skin is a bit lack luster from the holidays, call Tricia. She can deliver amazing results and give you quick tips about keeping your skin healthy and pamper away the stress that accumulates over the holiday season.

Think of it as a New Year’s gift to your face. After all, that is what people notice first. Call (619) 517-0654 for more information. She will offer a free anti-aging pumpkin hand treatment to readers.

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