ASPCA National Hay Bale-Out for San Diego’s Sanctuary Horses

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Horses of Tir Na Nog was recently selected to receive a grant to help supply winter hay for the 47 equines at Horses of Tir Na Nog. The horses consume 32 bales of hay each week. The $5,000 grant will allow us to purchase 330 bales, and feed the horses for about 10 weeks.

“The ASPCA’s generous $5,000 Hay Bale-Out grant will help us get through the first ten weeks of winter. However, we need San Diegans’ support to feed our horses throughout the rest of winter season,” explains Amy Pat Rigney, President. “At our current hay prices, it costs $20.00 a week to feed hay to one horse, $40 feeds a horse for two weeks, and $80 buys hay for one horse for a month. Along with their hay, our horses receive daily supplements, pellets, and rice bran.

Thanks to San Diegan’s support, Horses of Tir Na Nog now provides sanctuary for 41 horses, 1 mini-mule, 5 burros, 4 goats, 2 camelids, and 18 sheep, all of which were once very hungry. And of course, even now, they are always ready for a snack. We are hoping people will help us to keep their tummies full this winter.”

Horses of Tir Na Nog is the oldest equine sanctuary in San Diego County and is currently caring for forty-seven equines. Horses of Tir Na Nog is an adoption partner with County of San Diego Department of Animal Services, and we work in compliance with American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Rescue and Retirement Guidelines.

The Horses of Tir Na Nog consume 32 bales of hay each week.

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