Love Yourself First

| February 2, 2016 | 0 Comments

By Violet Green

Ah February, the month that makes everyone, at least in American culture, think of hearts — paper hearts, candy hearts, hand-drawn hearts and flower hearts. They can be seen in all manner of shops trying to cash in on the retail holiday of Valentine’s Day. I’d rather think of it as a month to celebrate love, the pure love of friendship, sometimes family, and your chosen beloved.

With all of this talk about love, it seems we rarely about our body’s organ attributed to that symbolic love…the heart. This amazing muscle is easy to forget about since it automatically beats non-stop, each muscle contraction pumping oxygen-rich blood to our cells and carrying away waste. By keeping the walls of our blood vessels free of build-up they remain flexible and can expand and contract easily to ensure proper blood flow and more balanced blood pressure.

As a believer of preventive health, and someone who has familial heart disease, I try to think of new ways to continue my good heart health. I’ve found that one simple and delicious solution to protecting my ticker is to eat heart-healthy foods such as garlic, onions, ginger, and cayenne – coconut oil stir-fry anyone? I know that drinking green tea is another way to support my heart, but I sometimes have a tough time including it in my day. Instead, my new favorite tea is a yummy blend of hawthorn and red clover, two known heart-protective herbs that make my tongue and heart happy!

Remember, the best way to show your love for those around you is to love yourself first!

I just had to share this tidbit from my week… I recently watched a mama hummingbird building her nest outside of my kitchen window. What better way to display love than making a warm cozy spot for a new baby?

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