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Living in Southern California, every day has the potential to be a special day. It`s great to live here. The weather is phenomenal, the opportunities are abundant, and so is the landscaping. Our lifestyle is pretty exceptional. When you consider all of this and the fact that our psychological makeup has us habituate to the most common circumstances, it can often be a challenge to turn the holidays into something special.

The laws of enjoyment call for something special – rare and in contrast to daily life – in order for us to find pleasure from the experience. I am reminded every time we have guests from Europe. They can´t stop to “oohh and ahhh” over the palm trees, while I´m no longer as observant of them.

This raises the question, “What could make the upcoming holiday season special?” Most of us consume plenty of calories day in day out, specialty coffees are not that rare, and we have money to go shopping or dine out. More of the same is not the answer to creating a special holiday season.

The scarce commodity in this age is time. According to the laws of enjoyment, experiencing more of it makes it special for us. What does that mean? Here are some bold ways to make some unique and memorable time for yourself during this holiday season.

1. Pass on the usual countless shopping trips. Instead, get organized for holiday meals and presents and round everything up as efficiently as possible. Also, limit the number of presents. Maybe it is time that adults get respect, admiration, love, tolerance and understanding instead of some “thing.” Get gifts for kids, and spend quality time with them and all the adults in your life that are special to you.

2. Make sure you get some quality time with all the people you admire and love. It can be a few moments spent talking at a family gathering or meeting for tea.

3. Turn off the electronic gadgets during the last week of the year. Use the time to wind down from the year, get honest with yourself about the goals you had and relive favorite times. Think about what you want to carry over to the new year. Choose what to leave behind: what was unhealthy, too costly, annoying and didn’t support your goals or passions.

4. Spend some time alone in this uplifting, beautiful environment. You can use that alone time to reconnect with who you are, with your own dreams and with what life on this earth means to you. Dream big, without censorship. Enjoy the process. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It is all about you, your purpose and meaning.

5. One valuable step, which often takes the most courage, is to clean up at least one unresolved situation in your life. Own your part. Talk to the person involved, or make it up in a way that brings true relief to you. It might require a serious thought process, yet, the end result is inevitable, if you are persistent.

I wish you a lot of fun and courage with these steps, which are meant to boost your experiences and make your holidays special. For questions or comments, contact me at:, more on the blog:

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