Western Slopes Community Association Launches at November Event

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This past November, Western Slopes Community Association (WSCA) held its official launch event at El Indio’s Garden Patio on India Street in Mission Hills. The WSCA is a voluntary association of Mission Hills’ western slopes including portions of Uptown and Middletown. Property owners, business owners and residents involved with WSCA are dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of life among these communities, while providing an effective voice for common issues, especially those with governing authority.

The WSCA steering committee members include (left to right), Tom Littell, Joe Naskar (back row), Chris Cole, Lisa Mortensen, Leo Wilson and Chris Celentino.

WSCA is affiliated with the San Diego Metro CDC and its administrator, Leo Wilson, who spoke to attendees about the collaborative efforts. WSCA is also affiliated with Five Points Business Association, Mission Hills Town Council and Uptown Planners. The synergy of these groups present a firm, unified voice to City Planners and elected leadership.

According to Joe Naskar, administrator for the WSCA, the evening included an introduction of important projects: the community plan update recommendation for Middletown, and the extension of the downtown quiet zone from Palm to Old Town. The WSCA steering committee members were also introduced: Lisa Mortensen, Bob Daniel, Tom Littell, Chris Cole, Dick Troncone, Tom Donahue, Chris Celentino, Leo Wilson, Jennifer Pesqueira and Joe Naskar.

City Councilmembers Kevin Faulconer and Todd Gloria congratulated the group and both pledged to stay involved with the WSCA and nearby community neighborhoods.

Also in attendance for the launch were Lauren Prescott from Supervisor Ron Robert’s office and Ricardo Flores from Congresswoman Susan Davis’s office. Other attendees included members from the 5 Points Business Association, the CDC, Bankers Hill Community Association, Lara Gates from Mission Hills Town Council, Barry Hagar and Deborah Pettry from Mission Hills Heritage, and Beth Jaworski from Uptown Planners.

The WSCA members are grateful to Jennifer Pesqueira and her family, who are operate El Indio and hosted the launch party. Naskar said that they have been strong supporters of the organization and the surrounding communities.

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