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Health Chat

My health continues to be so-so. I’m at the same age as Queen Elizabeth, yet, she has more help than I.

I now have one meal a day delivered to my door. It’s one of those organizations where you pay by the month. It’s not expensive and makes me more of a home body. The food is adequate. I haven’t had home cooking for many years, and I don’t really cook. However, I used to make meatloaf and chopped liver (liver pate to you non-ethnics).

The meal that’s delivered can be eaten for lunch or dinner. It’s served in divided plastic trays, somewhat like TV dinners. With it comes a paper bag with a small container of one percent milk, seasonal fruit (apple, orange, etc.), a small container of cut-up fruit, a small container of margarine, some type of bread or roll, and an occasional muffin. Surprisingly, the one percent milk tastes like milk. To me, skim milk tastes like water.   There is usually some type of meat, like chicken, turkey, beef or pork, an occasional Mexican meal, cooked vegetables, rice or potatoes. It’s quite adequate for a non-gourmand like me. Joyce, the young lady who delivers the food package, is always cheerful.

As I’m still wobbly, I don’t take the bus and never go out alone. Luckily, as I’ve previously stated, I have a few loyal friends with cars who take me to do my occasional errands and also to see my doctor and dentist. My two regular social events are breakfast tea (I don’t drink coffee) with my social group, F.O.G., every Saturday morning at Lily’s Coffee House in the Adams Avenue district, and a Thursday morning discussion group in Banker’s Hill. From both of these events, we usually go to lunch.

Restaurant Chat

The two groups I previously mentioned have several favorites. Among them: Bleu Boheme, a great and inexpensive French restaurant in Kensington. It’s at 4090 Adams Avenue. They have a nice outdoor patio. The food is excellent, as is the bread.

Entertainment Chat

I usually see two movies weekly and one or two theatre presentations a week. Since my lack of energy, I can’t make the stairs in most of our theatres. Because of this lack of energy, my doctor suggested a series of testosterone injections. The other day I thought about sex. Didn’t do anything, but at least the thought entered my mind.

Wise Sayings Chat

“I never know how much of what I say is true”…Bette Midler.

“I don’t trust him. We’re friends”…Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956).

And now, whatever your mood, go on out and hold someone’s hand!

(C. David Kulman can be reached at Presidio Sentinel, 325 Washington Street, Suite 2-181, San Diego, CA 92103.)


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