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Living Artfully With a Life Creed

by Concetta Antico

Too often we forget about the ongoing efforts we make as we strive to be our best, succeed and create a happy balanced life. It is easy to overlook the one person who consistently works the hardest at this goal – you!

Let’s consider what might help with your life mission to create bliss. Someone once told me that to be happy in one’s life, (which I believe is living an artful life and living by your creed), you must commit to having three core things:

1. Someone to love, and who loves you too.
2. Useful and purposeful work.
3. Something to look forward to.

In my life I remind myself of these necessary constants and I have found an ongoing remedy for success by maintaining them and being mindful of them. Fact is, it is as simple as one-two-three. Yipee! Let’s discuss them here and see how you can too.

Taking the first part, someone to love and someone who loves us too might be the most important piece and the hardest to find as the second “other” is not something directly in your control. Yes, this particular life goal can be heart nourishing and love rewarding but can also be a stressful thing as we use our energy to find, nurture and sustain our relationships.

However the joys of a good and mutually fulfilling relationship lie in the companionship that one derives. To know that someone shares your dreams, is a witness to your efforts and emotionally supports you is a wondrous thing.

Further, the “someone” does not have to be a romantic someone, such as a partner, husband or wife. This could be a faithful pet, or a best friend, neighbor, parent, co-worker, teacher, relative or a mere acquaintance. Being loved is not so much about who loves you just that you are loved and cherished.

Useful and purposeful work too has its conundrums as one aspect is that it takes so much of our free time and depletes our energy for other activities. However. without a career that inspires and motivates us we are not providing an avenue for our minds and our creativity. Being in a job that is a “dead end” may be the source of another third of our frustration and unhappiness.

Did you follow your childhood or college dream? Do you have a dream or desire to do or learn something new, or to foster and learn the thing you enjoy the most? Is there a cottage industry you would like to make a real go of? If there are roadblocks to you feeling that you have useful and purposeful work then make a plan of action to overcome them and set yourself on your perfect work path. Perhaps it is a night college, vocational, or an online course you must take? Perhaps you wish to be out of the city’s “rat race” or a cube life in corporate whatever – then vow to change that! If you can make others happy too through your own handiwork then this is the ultimate bliss. Yup! Then you can check off part two.
Finally, part three, having something to look forward to seems to be the safest harbor and the most manageable and achievable of this trio. Yet it seems to be the one part that folks overlook as they claim they are “too busy” to organize or plan it. Catch 22 blaring!

Being creative about the choices that you can make and the things that you will have on your horizon are great ways to savor your life and to live, not just in the moment, but with purpose and passion. Having a treat in store makes everything else so much sweeter. Consider the “before I die bucket list”! Here is a great way to make a plan and a start to having special experiences actually happen. Planners know this. If you are not a planner then learn to become one and reap the benefits of what you will actualize. Is it that trip that you have always wanted to take? Committing to it will give you that happy carrot and make you save for it too. Soon you will find yourself there.

We all deserve the best life we can create. That is the secret here. You are the one in control of the outcome – these three guides will help you to know what you need but it is the wonderful you that will make or break it. Keep Mary Oliver’s saying in mind, “Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

So, with that thought in mind, I wish you a very Happy Holiday Season and a bright new year!


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