The Business Man: His Position and His Style

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Stylishly: Aubree Lynn



Style advisors are not just for women anymore. Men are now seeing the benefits of being stylish, and they are beginning to involve themselves in finding the confidence achieved from great style. Men are innovating different looks for their workplace, and the opportunity for great style does not stop there. The workplace outfit can have the potential to become the evening, happy hour or date-night outfit.  It is a style advisor’s job to help you see that potential.

I had the privilege of consulting a successful businessman who has not always been fashionable, but has recently decided to start taking his appearance to the next level.  Being completely open to my suggestions, we re-worked his entire wardrobe and came up with many new and different looks, ranging from business attire, to presentation outfits, to casual-Friday and even weekend-evening apparel.  By the end of our session, this business man now has more confidence about his style, knows which colors compliment his skin tone, and he now understands his body type and the clothes that flatter it. He was so satisfied by this experience that he was willing to share a little about his business position and what his image means to him.

AL: What is your position at your company?

MK: Manager of strategic and international sourcing.

AL: How important is your appearance in the workplace?

MK: I think it is very important.  I work for a Fortune 500 company.  For every one hundred million dollars in sales, there are about ninety-nine employees and one executive.  The compensation difference between non-executives and executives is night and day.  Many people have no aspirations to become an executive because it takes a long time and a lot of hard work.  However, I do aspire to become an executive and expect to achieve this goal. To become an executive, one must get results, be well educated, gain experience in many areas of the business, be a good negotiator, and be an effective and dynamic leader and team player.

Nevertheless, none of this is enough if one does not have what my career coach calls “executive presence.”  This package of qualities includes presentation skills, an ability to remain cool and collected under tremendous pressure, an ability to summarize complex problems quickly and clearly, and an executive appearance…among other things.  Appearance includes mannerisms, grooming, and certainly clothing and style.

AL: What made you think to get direction from a professional stylist?

MK: I want to stand out and have that edge relative to the clothing element of executive presence.  I recognize that I do not have a good sense of style. I went for years not knowing that a brown belt should not be worn with black shoes. I have paid close attention for many years to purchasing quality clothing, but I recognize that I have a weakness when it comes to knowing how to match shirts, shoes, jackets, ties, socks, and slacks fashionably and attractively.  I wanted to have specific instructions about what articles of clothing I can and should combine for various types of professional situations.

AL: How did this experience help you with your overall perception of personal stylists and your own image?

MK: I feel like I no longer have to focus so much on wondering if I have not chosen stylish combinations of clothes nor wonder if my clothes are outdated or fitting improperly.  I can instead focus on the other elements that will help me become more and more successful.  Like my leadership style and getting results.  I have higher overall confidence in the workplace because of my coaching session with Aubree (Lynn).  I also have learned that certain colors apparently augment my complexity, hair color, and eye color, and certain colors may work against those aspects of my natural appearance.  I had no idea about this but now realize that recognizing this and leveraging it can help me to be more attractive, thus more approachable, and ultimately better able to get results through others.

AL: Would you recommend this route to other colleagues and professionals looking to polish their look and wardrobe? If so…why?

MK: Yes, definitely!  You may have everything going for you professionally, but not realize that your wardrobe and appearance are just working against you.  Alternatively, you may have everything going for you professionally and have a decent sense of style.  In the latter case, why not take your appearance to the next level and get to your destination even faster.

MK’s last sentence could not have said it better. The way you look, and the way others perceive you can make all the difference in helping you to reach your career goals. If you feel you could use some improvement in the fashion department, there is always a style advisor waiting to help you simplify your life and to help you get what you want out of having great style.  Just remember the business man.  His position and his style have an enormous impact on his overall outcome, and that can mean the same for you.  To learn more, visit

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