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Living Artfully with Courage
By Concetta Antico

This month I am moved to write to you about how to live artfully with courage. I am referring to the courage that prevails against all odds.

In recent weeks some of those who are dear to me have experienced many and varied personal difficulties. I have offered counsel as one would. However, from these situations I have found important inspiration I wish to share with you.

I love this quote. “Things always work out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out it’s not the end.” Thanks to my sis in Australia for sharing this message. Yes, herein lays the real truth to live by, and to encourage you when life throws you a curve ball…it is not the end until it is!

Life as we know is our ultimate journey and it is filled with change – that’s the beauty and hope of it. Not unlike other journeys, it is fraught with unexpected twists and turns, bumps and bog holes. However, we must believe and relish the fact that it is the journey itself that is the reward and we must be eternally optimistic that we will enjoy the ride, whatever direction it takes. As our journey, our adventure, will surely end one day, we must embrace joyfully every last moment, every view, and every experience as special.

How you interpret the journey makes your reward bitter or sweet. If you focus on the splendor of life and the natural planet, if you embrace the unexpected as excitement and opportunity for something new and if you nurture the side of you which brings out your romantic and playful and creative nature, then you will find happiness. Learn to laugh out loud, even when you are in the proverbial ditch and covered in mud. Even mud can be fun and a great place to frolic. Ask any pig or child who has enjoyed a mud bath.

Do not take “No” as the final result. Have fortitude and perseverance to see it through – for change. Then you will see the result of your power to prevail. Even on very dark and stormy days, in the face of adversity, you can see the light. Better still, you can find the rainbow.

Most describe me as indomitable. My sister recently called me unstoppable; so that fits too! Proud in my personal power to overcome problems and push forward, I urge you all to find that place of strength inside you, particularly and poignantly, when you are least able to. There is no better time than when you “can’t” to strive until you “can.”

Funny thing is, this mode can be so addictive as it feels so good to win! By nature we do not want to lose. It is a happy feeling to emerge from the swamp, to reach the other side, and to smell the roses and pop the champagne. Yay!

Where my zest and ambition comes from I am not sure, but I am glad for it. It has saved me many times.
With love and compassion to all out there, especially those who need a friend, or a boost right now, I hope to urge you to do the same. Truly, it feels better to be valiant than to feel hopeless, or to give up. No white flags for you. Never!

Yes, descriptive defeat words did not make it into my vocabulary. True, I have moments of feeling defeat and the old “woe is me” too, but I can’t stay there for long. A good cry, (or scream in the cupboard), and then I am back up on my horse. Charging!

Often it’s that unforgettable image of the iconic heroine Scarlett O’Hara that floods into my mind when times are really tough. Hungry, downtrodden and wretched, her fist clenched with the red dirt of her beloved Tara and face to the sky. This image comes to mind every time I think I can’t go on. It delivers for me the will to believe that “tomorrow is another day!” This stalwart endurance, the belief and desire to win resonates deeply within me. Sword drawn and onward to victory that is so sweet.

So I will conclude with the reminder that the world holds abundant treasures filled with merriment that you will find on your journey. They are out there like flowers, waiting for the picking. I tell friends, get out into nature, go to the beach, or park, or just walk outside and throw your head to the sky and laugh out loud. The connection with nature and your heartfelt positive energy will recharge your drained battery and “off you go.”

Live your life with Eveready Energizer Bunny style. (Yes, it’s perfect for Easter.) You will “keep on keeping on!”

Here’s a simple equation to live by: Courage and Kindness equal Happiness. Enjoy your special journey, it is beautiful and like no other.

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