83 Bus Route is Slated to Change in 2018

| January 2, 2018 | 0 Comments

by Patricia Paylor and Sharon Gehl

The 83 bus that runs through Mission Hills is slated to change its route January 29, 2018. Instead of dead ending in North Mission Hills, as it has for years, it will extend along Sunset and Juan Streets to connect the Old Town Transit Center down the hill. This will open up a lot of new possibilities for Mission Hills residents. Students who attend High Tech High School in Liberty Station can transfer to the 28 bus at Old Town to get to school. SDSU students can take the Green Line trolley to school, and we can all take the trolley to the Convention Center for Comic-Con, When the Blue Line is finished, everyone will be able to take it north.

The new route will still stop on West Lewis Street, then it will shift to Sunset and stop at St. James and Sunset, Witherby and Sunset, and then the Old Town Transit Center. The south end of the route will still run through South Mission Hills on Reynard Way to the America Plaza Downtown.

The good news is that the hours of operation won’t be reduced in January as originally planned. If the hourly ridership increases because of the new route, the hours aren’t likely to be reduced in the future.

The difficulty is that to improve reliability, the new route will need to run every 70 minutes rather than the current schedule of every 60 minutes. Those who use the bus regularly or occasionally now, will want to look at the new schedule when it is posted at the stops or handed out on the bus to plan their trips.

A good way to see how these changes might benefit you and your family is to look at transit maps on the MTS website or click on the trip planner option to see which routes connect to the Old Town Transit Center. After the change in January, you can use the Trip Planner to work out your trips.

The Mission Hills bus is a neighborhood amenity that is used by residents who don’t drive, can’t drive, or don’t want to drive; by students, and by people who work in Mission Hills. It’s an amentiy we want to keep. After the route changes, we encourage you to try it out, take the bus to Old Town.

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