Uptown Planners Address City Issues

| January 2, 2018 | 0 Comments

A DecoBike Station was placed at Nutmeg Street and Sixth Avenue, following opposition from local residents and business owners.

DecoBike Station and Homeless One of Many Concerns

At the November meeting of Uptown Planners, representatives from the city said they were listening to the comments and feedback from the Uptown community regarding the placement of the proposed DecoBike stations. Yet, according to representatives from the Uptown Planners, even after strong community opposition to the placement of a station at Nutmeg Street and Sixth Avenue, this is exactly where it was placed. Frustrated residents and business owners expressed concern with its visual impact due to advertising banners and disrupting the park view shed. They feel strongly that the city isn’t listening to the local community.

Leo Wilson, who has been on the board of Uptown Planners, and is a longstanding resident of Bankers Hill/Park West, said he is hearing increased dissatisfaction from current Uptown residents who say they want to move out of the community. Wilson stated, “Along the Sixth Avenue neighborhood I live in, which is adjacent to Balboa Park, we are dealing with increased crime; a massive homeless problem — some of whom exhibit threatening behavior and damage property; a hepatitis A outbreak; and special events that blast ear-piercing noise throughout the local area.”

He added, “What we are experiencing is a failure of the ‘smart’ part of smart growth; and until the city is willing to listen to and work with the local communities in Uptown to correct this, things will only get worse.”

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