A Dysfunctional City with Questionable Leadership

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It’s really very sad when we get to this place in our lives when we lose total faith in the people who are running our city.  San Diego used to be a great place to live.  We used to trust the people we elected to act on our behalf.  Transparency existed and businesses thrived. People were happy and we felt lucky to live in San Diego.

Unfortunately, that’s in the past.

Today we’re feeling the effects of a controlling mayor who has determined that he will run the city in to the ground, destroy its reputation, drive tourists away, and ruin our economy and quality of life.  And why?  Because he can.

The sad part is, he thinks he’s doing a good job. 

According to who?

Probably the developers who continue to benefit from his desire to eliminate home ownership and force all of us into a landlord owned city.

Yet, on a daily basis, homeowners are being made responsible for more utilities and street services and expenses.

We all know that homeowners are now responsible for the sewer lines from the front of the house to the street, and possibly beyond.  (I’ve learned that firsthand.)

Now the city councilmembers are proposing that homeowners be responsible for sidewalk repairs, and liabilities. Ironically, homeowners don’t own the sidewalks.  As I recall, they belong to the city. 

What’s next?  Will we be made responsible for road repairs in front of our homes, utility lines and whatever else suits our elected officials?

What’s bizarre about this is, developers are being given carte blanc to build whatever they want, without affordable housing, and pay no developer fees.  Instead, it appears, they plan to pass those expenses on to homeowners. 


In this issue you will see that homeowners, who are heavily taxed, are being pushed to their limits and are in total disgust with how this city is operating. Or should I say, isn’t operating. 

Old libraries, like Mission Hills Branch Library, are being neglected while developers are using the sites to dump their garbage and destroy the property.  The question is, “Should the city or the developer be fined?”

Yet, the city hasn’t taken any action on the property and continues to allow the developer to do more harm. 

Add to the frustration, the city is creating more bureaucracy every day.  I learned this past week of a department that handles real estate assets and airport management, called DREAM. 

My response, DREAM on.

Why would you combine such diverse needs and departments into one operation?  I don’t get it!

I know I am not alone, because several other people made the same comment. 

My fear, which is the same for lots of people, is that we have a politician running the city who has only worked for the government.  He doesn’t understand how a business operates.  And there is no accountability.  However, there is a lot of finger pointing.

I could go on, but what’s the point.  What needs to happen, and is happening, is for the people of San Diego to say enough of this insanity.  We need to rein in our mayor and councilmembers and give this city back to the people. 

We want a safe, attractive, desirable, and economically sound city that we can be proud of.   

One of the ways to do that is to join Neighbors for a Better San Diego (www.neighborsforabettersandiego.org) and be prepared to take action.

The pink elephant, also known as the Pepto dismal building, belongs to a developer who has elected to damage the neighboring building, the old Mission Hills Library.

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