Annual Celebration and Folk Art Event Bazaar del Mundo in Old Town San Diego

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The vibrant spirit of Latin America will come alive at the Bazaar del Mundo in Old Town as artists from south of the border gather to showcase an extraordinary collection of authentic folk art at the Latin American Festival and Mata Ortiz Pottery Market from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday, August 4 through 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Sunday, August 6. 

Artisans from across Latin America will set up shop at Bazaar del Mundo, transforming the courtyard into a vibrant marketplace. Artists will be selling an array of traditional embroidered clothing, exquisite handwoven textiles, captivating collectibles, stunning jewelry and meticulously crafted ceramic and clay pottery. 

The festival also features one of the largest displays of Mata Ortiz pottery, an ancient art form renowned for its intricate process and hand-painted geometric and ancestral symbols. Skilled potters will showcase their talents and their remarkable creations. 

This year’s visiting artists include: 

  • Pedro and Diego Montaño: Oaxacan weavers from Teotitlan del Valle showcasing marvelous wool rugs and runners in both traditional and contemporary Mexican designs and performing demonstrations on their handmade loom.  
  • Jacobo and Maria Angeles: Jacobo’s Oaxacan wood carving, or traditional alebrijes (Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures), were featured in Disney’s much-celebrated animated film, “Coco,” for which Jacobo was one of the movie’s consultants. Maria participates in the completion of his magnificent creations with her exquisite and meticulous painting of these one-of-a-kind creatures. 
  • Silvia Berrios: An El Salvadorian folk artist who primarily utilizes oil and canvas to create portraits that reflect feminine beauty through abstract and colorful lines. 
  • Geraldo Ortega: Following in the footsteps of his grandmother’s traditional Barro Betus technique, Ortega has been creating whimsical clay figures for over 20 years. His artwork is known for its intricacy and vibrancy that cannot be replicated. 

Throughout the weekend, visitors will have the opportunity to watch live demonstrations by artists skilled in traditional crafts such as woodcarving, painting and weaving. Food and drinks – including tacos, aguas frescas, elotes and fruit cups – will be available for purchase at a special taco stand provided by Casa Guadalajara, Bazaar del Mundo’s neighboring restaurant. 

The event will also feature live performances by TINKU, a Latin American folk band, as well as captivating Folkloric dancers and strolling mariachis.  

Inside the Bazaar del Mundo Shops, located at 4133 Taylor Street in Old Town, shelves will be brimming with an enticing selection of imported gifts and goods from Mexico and Latin America, along with a wide variety of books covering travel, culture, architecture, arts, crafts and food. 

For more information, visit  Free parking is available one block away from the Shops at the Caltrans parking lot after 5 p.m. on Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday. 

Artisans from across Latin America will set up shop at Bazaar del Mundo, transforming the courtyard into a vibrant marketplace.

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