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Councilmember Kevin Faulconer and Father Joe Carroll (right) share positive thoughts about the future of San Diego.

Councilmember Kevin Faulconer and Father Joe Carroll (right) share positive thoughts about the future of San Diego.

Most people don’t really understand my role with the Presidio Sentinel. They know me as a writer and editor. They don’t realize that I am also publisher, which means I also run the business. I am also the marketing manager for a San Diego-based manufacturing company. So, I wear lots of hats, and have long work days and weeks.

Additionally, I am currently on the board of three non-profit organizations and am proud to be affiliated with all of them: the Old Town Chamber of Commerce, Mission Hills Foundation and Mo’olelo Performing Arts Company. Over the years, I have been on the board of upward of 25 non-profit organizations and have been affiliated with 100s of other for-profit businesses and governmental agencies. As you can see, I’ve dealt with them all.

Because of all of this experience, I understand small business and mid-size businesses, for profit and non-profit. And, every day, I am making minor and major decisions on behalf of my business and the businesses I represent. And, I understand the impact that our local, state and national government has on these businesses. That’s why the upcoming mayoral election is very important to me and the organizations that I represent.

I’ve been reviewing, observing and assessing the two individuals running for mayor, David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer. Both are councilmembers with varying degrees of experience with government and the business community.

What I have observed and assessed is that both are passionate about being mayor of San Diego, and that is good. So, now it’s my turn to think logically and professionally. I have to do my part to truly understand the role and impact that one or the other will have on our government, the local economy and the health and well being of the City of San Diego.

As you can guess, I have done extensive research. And I have asked and listened to my fellow business associates who have expressed their thoughts about who should be mayor.

One of my close friends, a staunch Democrat, Chris Cramer, CEO and co-founder of Karl Strauss Brewing Company, recently sent me his firm endorsement of Kevin Faulconer. Cramer is one of numerous Democrats and business people who have shared their overwhelming support of Faulconer. Cramer is a fourth-generation San Diegan, who believes “Faulconer’s experience, leadership ability, and his unwavering commitment to San Diego’s core values and getting the most for our tax dollars make him the clear choice to lead our City into the future.”

And, then there is Father Joe Carroll, who started and built Father Joe’s Villages, a massive undertaking that is serving the homeless, youth and people in need. He has endorsed Kevin Faulconer, based on his contributions and experience.

Our previous mayor, Jerry Sanders, has also endorsed Kevin Faulconer. Sanders has worked closely with Faulconer and understands first hand, his commitment to San Diego, the business community and the future success of the City of San Diego.

Do I know Kevin Faulconer? Yes. He was our councilmember before the redistricting occurred. So, I have spent considerable time working with Faulconer and his staff over a period of eight years. And, I continue to work with him due to my role in the business community throughout the City of San Diego.

That’s why I am endorsing Kevin Faulconer for Mayor of San Diego. He understands the challenges that small and big business owners face every day. These are the businesses that “feed” the economy for San Diego. He is not a career politician. He worked for a small business for most of his career before becoming a councilmember. For me, that’s extremely important.

Kevin Faulconer understands the business community that brings money to our economy and that allows non-profits, unions and the government to succeed. Simply stated, we the people, all of us, must work together as a team. That’s what makes our economy and City successful.

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