Husband and Wife Doing What They Love

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For 30 years, Valerie Lee Ferrari has been operating her boutique clothing and accessory shop, Le Bel Age at 1607 W. Lewis Street in Mission Hills. This past October she initiated a very soft opening of Chateau Le Bel Age, which is just across the street at 1578 W. Lewis Street. Having been a clientele for most of those years, it’s fascinating to observe her talent, eye for creativity and ability to make her business grow and flourish. She inspires others, including the businesses on Lewis Street. Her energy and artistic flair is truly contagious.

Jimmy Ferrari, Valerie’s husband, came onto the scene about eight years ago. Jimmy is the proprietor of With Love, a card and gift shop that is also in the “hood” at 1620 W. Lewis Street. They have been a couple for upward of 14 years and can’t remember how long they’ve been married. It’s not important.

What’s important is that they live their lives doing what they love. Both Valerie and Jimmy have amazing creativity. Their businesses are reflective of their artistic energy. Their guests and clientele know they won’t disappoint.

I got to tour the new boutique, Chateau Le Bel Age, and was truly impressed with the layout, design and aura of the store. It’s inviting, calming and enticing. The store has a similar personality to Le Bel Age. However, it’s spacious and offers some new lines of clothing and accessories.

The new store, in addition to being more spacious, will offer clothing for sizes 14-18. Le Bel Age will continue to offer smaller sizes. However, I found a nice array of sizes at Chateau Le Bel Age, and at prices that were attractive to the wallet.

Valerie encourages guests to visit Chateau Le Bel Age and “play dress up.” She says it is important to allow yourself to explore, find yourself and have fun. She has plenty of options and ideas to help ladies getting ready for every occasion: work, play and whatever.

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