April Go See at Glimpse

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April 21st, 2012 – May 16th, 2012.

Martin Nasim’s It's She, is marker on Plexiglas.

Nicole Danna’s Intellect is mixed media.

Allow your inner child to experience joy and nourishment this month at Glimpse! April’s GoSee exhibition, Delving into Imagination and the Inner Self, presents the concept of enlightenment brought forth by the deep exploration of one’s own imagination.  This show breaks with GoSee tradition to feature three fantastic artists. The work of Martin Nasim bursts off the walls with vivid, whimsical vignettes. His images whirl with a style of mark-making that recalls Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” – if it were painted in an electric fantasy land and with cartoon-bright colors. Using the untraditional media of art marker on Plexiglas, Nasim’s work is both novel and apt. Deborah Wiley’s three-dimensional wall sculptures, titled “Zivas,” are strange and facinating mixed-media doll figures. They represent feminine divas, upholding such universal concepts as ancient knowledge, the lineage of the sacred feminine, and rebirth. Nicole Danna exhibits her Yantra art. A Yantra, similar in its naissance to the Mandala, is based on ancient Sanskrit geometric symbols which represents various mantras. Danna chants a principle mantra, such as uniqueness, spirituality, or intellect, as she hand paints each one of a kind piece to evoke inner awareness.

Deborah Wiley’s Tallulah is mixed media.

Glimpse, a boutique/gallery owned and operated by Lynle Ellis, interior designer, is a space that inspires creativity and the five senses. The space at Glimpse provides the opportunity to hold tea, workshops, and talks on such topics as: creating a home sanctuary; the use of color in one’s environment; sustainable urban gardening; nurturing your artistic profession, and much more. Glimpse is located at 3813 Ray Street in North Park. For more information, visit www.glimpseliving.com.

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