Giving Up and Giving In

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After years of fighting, I’ve given in and become one of them. I’m tired of being made fun of. I’m tired of all the raised eyebrows and the questions when friends saw my phone. People kept asking how I take photos and my answer seemed to dumbfound them, “with my camera” was always my quick response. I felt superior to all of those lemmings who instantly reached into their pockets or purses as the lights came back on after a movie. I snickered to myself, what could possibly have happened in the last two hours that is so important that they need to know right this minute. I was different. I needed my phone solely to call and receive calls, that’s all! But the pressure was mounting, getting stronger each day.

It started when my friend CC got his. CC, you need to know, prides himself on his thriftiness and his lack of pretense. Before he finally got a new car, he used a wire hanger as a makeshift antenna on his car and he was so proud. When we go out CC always has a coupon with him. He is smart about his finances and I am always impressed. But CC got the iPhone and he loves it. He uses it for all kinds of things and is always excited to share his newest app’s abilities with me.

Then I went back east to visit friends and family and I noticed everyone was taking pictures of our reunions with their handy dandy smart phones. I stuck out, the loser with the old phone.

So I finally succumbed, I broke down and bought a new phone, a smart phone, an iPhone in fact, and surprise, surprise… like CC, I love it too. I’ve been working up to the purchase for years because it’s not my nature to run to a store and buy every new thing that comes out. I’m one of those hold out types. I was one of the last to realize I should have a cell phone, after driving home on a dark empty road one night and realizing that if I broke down I was nowhere near a phone to call for help. I held on to my “fat screen” TV because there was nothing wrong with, it worked perfectly well, it just wasn’t HD. When I did buy my first flat screen, I was amazed at the difference and secretly chastised myself for waiting so long.

This phone purchase has changed my position. I’ve gone over to the other side. It’s become my new favorite thing. I am surprising myself with my new attitude. But the phone really is a convenient little addition to my life. Now I no longer carry a notepad and pen, I make notes in the notes app or in the reminder app that I can set to remind me with a little ding sound. I threw out my pocket calendar and keep all dates in my calendar app. Friends are sharing their favorite apps with me and now I can translate into any language, I can see what is playing at the movies in real time. I can compare prices in stores at the exact moment I want to buy something and I can GPS myself anywhere I want to go. Now I know this childlike awe makes me sound like I’ve been living alone in the wilderness, but as a latecomer to the iPhone life, I am opening up all these new doors and my purse is so much less crowded.

However, I am making secret vows to myself. I will not take my phone out to look at it when I am with you. I will not play games on it and I will not walk around the neighborhood talking so loud that everyone hears my conversation. I’m not giving in yet. That’s a start.

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