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Artful Appreciation
by Concetta Antico

December is here again, a reminder that another year has presented itself in its completeness. We have journeyed through this year with the opportunity to touch others’ lives and have been reciprocated in one way or another. The purpose and meaning of “artful appreciation” comes to mind, because during this final season of the year, we can act out being grateful. The ultimate result for those who make this effort is the ability to experience true happiness, personally and with all those who have entered our lives.

Today, by a touch of a keyboard, we can reach out and express our love and thanks. Yet, is it enough? Tender words verbally spoken, and a handwritten note is the ideal way to build relationships in your life that are meaningful and long lasting.

To give thanks artfully is the ultimate means to show your appreciation to the ones who share your lives. So, what is giving artfully?

Giving artfully means sharing your thanks and love unconditionally, with no return expectations. When you give unconditionally, you extend, expand and connect with many. By giving gratitude, you increase the well within you and everyone gains. Life is fully lived.

Understanding is the essence of artful giving. Looking deeply within is a spiritual practice of Buddha. We may need a little practice ourselves in order to give the gift of happiness and joy to the people who we are grateful for.

So, what must we do in order to truly understand a person? We must give time during our busy schedules and our busy minds to look deeply into the person. We must be there. We must be present. We must observe. We must look deeply. Being there is very much artful living. The true presence of your focused energy given to those you love is the gift of giving. And the gift of this looking deeply is called understanding. There is no better time than now as the season presents itself with your heart full as you give gratitude.

A word, a gesture, a flower, a poem or a visit, what will you share? Arrive with tea and kind words to the home of a friend, or surprise the elderly, remember your Mom and Dad. There are many ways to show people you are grateful for them being in your life. Artfully – this huge gift of love is free to those who wish to be on the journey of gratitude. By being present and observant, it is easy to find small and meaningful ways to give your appreciation, unlimited ways abound. The price is small, the gesture worth millions. Find your way, today.

I extend my blessings of the season to us all, to everyone.

Concetta Antico~Pizzinat is a mother, wife, artist and educator. For over 20 years she has been her own resident muse at The Salon Of Art and

Concetta Antico~Pizzinat is a mother, wife, artist and educator.

located at 1920 Fort Stockton Drive, Ste A, Mission Hills, San Diego, CA 92103. She can be reached at, The,

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