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What’s Your Dream?

I remember one of the closing scenes in the movie “Pretty Woman.” A man is doing a slow stroll down the sidewalk, saying loudly and more than once to all who would hear: “What’s your dream?”

It’s that time of year again. Dreamin’ time.

It’s a new year after all and a fresh-start time if ever there was one…and although I refuse to participate in the “resolutions-that-don’t-make-it-past-late-January” ritual of this time of year, I do participate in dreamin’.

I dream of driving unrutted streets here in San Diego. Once in a while, I hit a stretch of freshly-paved road and admit to giving a small sigh. Thanks to the roadbuilders. Dream come true? Paved streets.

I dream of a Congress that works to our combined highest good. I don’t hold my breath but I do continue to wish all well. And really, thanks for slogging through. Dream come true? More women arrive with our cooperation genes to add to the mix.

I dream of a long, loving relationship with the love of my life and that we continue to do good together. A recent life-threatening scare brought this all home. Yikes. We have long worked to learn how to work well together and now it seems we have more work to do. Good! Dream come true? With love’s support and through my speaking, writing and creations, we do so much good we get tired of doing good. Ha!

What dream will you be sending on a note to your subconscious this year?

Why dream? It adds to our world which is shaping and changing every day according to who is dreaming what…

This is my wish for you: may what you dream happen.
Dream your dreams. As my friend Danial said to me once and now I say to
you, “May all your dreams turn to embrace you.”

Cath DeStefano, Author, Speaker, Artist

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