La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2017

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By Stylishly Aubree Lynn
Writer, Stylist and Producer

Stylishly Aubree Lynn (left) is wearing a crop gown by Oseas Villatoro, with jewelry by Artemisa Rivas and hair by Inga Bezio. Jette Via, Orange County Performance and Installation artist, is wearing a vintage hand-painted Shaheen dress from Frock You in Hillcrest. Her hair is by Inga Bezio. Photo is courtesy of Jonathan Medel.

This year I was officially invited by Producer Fred Sweet to attend the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival. To say I was honored would be an understatement.

Attending an event I had heard of, but hadn’t researched, felt very foreign to me. My first thought was that I needed a gown to wear that would make me look and feel comfortable and attractive. That meant I needed a fun, vibrant, standout style.

So I contacted Oseas Villatoro to propose a style that I hadn’t worn before. I wanted a crop top with a long floor length skirt with a slit up the side and sequenced fabric. After looking at all the fabric options, we choose the brightest orange that was available. I can say it was bold and made a statement

As for jewelry, I wanted a funky style and proposed subtle accents of thin gold. My go –to jewelry designer, Artemisa Rivas, provided long, gold, single, solid strain earrings that had an electric eel look. A dainty gold cuff starfish bracelet that wrapped around and clasped my wrist complemented this accessory. Both designs were inspired by the location of the film festival, beautiful La Jolla.

These gold accents blended in like perfection with my hair, which was prepared by Inga Bezio. Half braids went up with a corn-row look, with gold flakes in between each braid making it look like a gold chain. The other half was in a soft and billowy assortment of curls. Talk about a fun look!

To add some contrast to the orange outfit, I wore open toe, hot pink shoes that sealed the deal. Without doubt, I was very happy with my look and was ready to embrace all that the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival had to offer.

And this is how it felt… It was as if I had just walked into another city, maybe LA, all weekend. The culture, dresses, accents of film directors and attendees was something to truly be absorbed. And that I was; I was fully absorbed in this culture of the art of film, fashion and a higher level of appreciating talent from all over the world.

The films throughout the weekend were inspiring. There was story telling with just three-to-five minute plots that had cinematography, set designs and wardrobes. Oh the wardrobes… I had urges to leap right into these films and collect the clothing, not only as a stylist but also as a consumer of great designs.

Saturday was a very special film showing that was called the Max Vogue Marathon. It was very high end, quality films beautifully produced. Some were filmed in water. Some had time lapses of nature. Others had deep plots that got you thinking about feelings (love, fear and depression) and life itself.

Saturday night was a red carpet event for all guests. Though I might have been wearing the brightest fabric at the festival, the dresses and gowns worn by all guests were just amazing. Everyone present dressed with appreciation of the designer’s wardrobes they were wearing.

It was with great appreciation that I was able to attend the festival and be a spectator of all that happened in our great city. The awards show spoke volumes to the amount of effort and contributions of the cast and crew of these productions. It was by far one of the most impressive weekends in San Diego, unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Thanks to my incredible wardrobe, accessory and hair designers: Oseas, Artemisa and Inga. Special thanks to Jette Via for making this weekend an experience to remember. I truly enjoyed our time together; we were a great duo.

My biggest thanks go to Fred Sweet for allowing me to experience such an inspiring weekend. You and your team created a magnificent showcase of the International Film Festival and fashion. Without a doubt, I hope to continue to experience the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival in years to come. It would be an honor and pleasure.

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