Lazy Acres Brings a New Attitude to Grocery Shopping

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Scott Hartman, VP of Marketing for Lazy Acres identifies some of the craft beer that is available to customers.

All of us who live in Mission Hills and the surrounding communities know that we have been eagerly anticipating the opening of Lazy Acres, which just recently opened at 422 West Washington Street. It’s a refreshing addition to the community for a variety of reasons.

When I speak to my neighbors, since I also live in Mission Hills, they exclaim that the store offers a lot of unique qualities. Starting with the staff and the leadership who are extremely community-oriented. Having not been open for more than a week, already Lazy Acres has donated generously to various local causes and programs, including Mission Hills and Hillcrest schools. That’s very uncommon for this industry.

Then there is the fact of the staff, they are gracious and show interest in the customers by greeting and asking to assist. On top of that they are knowledgeable and demonstrate enthusiasm when speaking to customers. Smiles and acknowledgements are the norm, not the exception. What a concept!

And, then there is the store and the array of products that are offered. If you enter the store hungry, be prepared to be wowed with all the fresh and take out options that are offered: sushi, salads (mostly organic), deli and signature sandwiches (fresh ingredients), pizza (Roman style – the best), juice bar (organic), taco bar (yessiree), panini, poke bar, desserts (plentiful and fresh), and there’s even more.

If you’re a beer connoisseur you’re going to drool when you see the selection that is offered. If you like specialty food items, including cheese, meats, fish, bread, crackers, dried fruits and nuts, you will be on cloud nine.

On top of all of this uniqueness, there is the fact that the organization is very selective of the items that enter the store. “Quality control is number one,” according to Scott Hartman, VP of Marketing for Lazy Acres. He says that very serious standards have been established to make sure that only the best suppliers are chosen to have their products sold in the store, including skin products, toothpaste and food and drink items.

If you haven’t already visited the store, make it an adventure. Come prepared to check out all the aisles of merchandise. Then be prepared to be amazed.

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