Mission Hills Residents Meet to Determine Cell Transmission Location

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What first appeared to be a serious problem about a cell antenna/tower to be located in a historic residential neighborhood, without community input, was quickly corrected. That’s because residents residing close to the proposed site, and business leaders immediately came together to address the issue.

Neighbors in Mission Hills, close to the proposed site, received correspondence that a decision on the Trias at Fort Stockton cellular antenna project would be made no less than 11 days after the date of mailing of the notice on October 2, 2013. So this meant a decision was required by October 13, 2013.

Concurrently, the Uptown Planners were meeting. They helped to set the tone of this effort. Mission Hills’ neighbors were invited to work with the cell tower applicant to determine an acceptable resolution and the subsequent scheduling of a community meeting with the cell tower applicant. Simon Tse, City of San Diego development project manager, confirmed in an email that, “The development Services Department will wait for an official recommendation from the Uptown Planners before making a determination.”

The neighborhood meeting, pursuant to the Uptown Planners motion regarding the cellular tower, was held at Jim and Rusty Reily’s residence in Mission Hills on Wednesday October 9.

In attendance were three representatives for the applicant: Todd Threw of Coastal Communications Inc. (CCI); Peter Matkowski of Crown Castle (CC); and Joe Milon of Crown Castle (CC); eight neighbors from the immediate vicinity of the current antenna; Patty Ducey-Brooks, publisher and executive editor of the Presidio Sentinel; and Sharon Gehl, Mission Hills Town Council subcommittee for cellular affairs.

The neighbors offered their concerns and issues with a tower and quickly learned that the cellular applicant is planning to incorporate the transmission devices in to the lighting fixtures that were approved by community input with leadership of the lighting district of Mission Hills Town Council, which was approved several years ago.

Health and safety issues were also discussed. Todd Threw of CCI provided a radiation report that was available to the residents and is available upon request.

Jim Reily offered to host a second meeting of neighbors in the vicinity of the Trias/Fort Stockton/Pine Street area to finalize location of the proposed street light/antenna location, to include CCI and CC to help with technical issues. The goal is to complete this action and have a location and design approved prior to the next Uptown Planners meeting in November.

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