St. Paul’s PACE Helps Seniors to Live Successfully at Home

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Music performances and other social events are an important part of St. Paul’s PACE program.

Music performances and other social events are an important part of St. Paul’s PACE program.

What all of us learn to accept is that aging is a part of life. We’re getting older the minute we’re born. However, as we begin to watch those around us getting significantly older, it becomes a reality that an aging parent, sibling and spouse can be an unexpected responsibility. Anyone who has been in this position, assisting someone who is showing signs of difficulty with aging, knows that it can be a daunting experience. It’s also common that the aging adult doesn’t want to be a burden or nuisance.

Recently, I spoke to Amanda Gois of St. Paul”s PACE, a senior day care center that provides seniors with all primary and specialty services through an interactive day program, yet allows seniors to live successfully at home. I was informed that with the expansion of Medical, more seniors may now be eligible for the program.

In order to qualify for the program, the individual must be at least 55 years old; live in the designated service area; be able to live in a community setting without jeopardizing their health and safety; and they must be confirmed by the Department of Health Care Services as needing nursing home services.

PACE staff can assist to determine the health status of the individual needing assistance.

What impressed me with the program is that it’s comprehensive. PACE staff offer a variety of services, including exercise and recreational programs (physical and mental). They make sure the home is safe for the senior. They assist with laundry, food, house cleaning, hygiene, and medical support. And, because the doctors and caretakers are knowledgeable with gerontology, they understand senior needs and health issues.

St. Paul’s PACE program currently has over 360 participants who live in the designated area: east to Lakeside, south to San Ysidro, north to Clairemont and west to the coast. St. Paul’s PACE is currently seeking to increase its territory to service Imperial Valley, which is considered an area with a significantly underserved population.

Gois reminded me that there are a lot of low income seniors who are in need of their services and benefit significantly from the kindness of others. She also informed me that as we move toward the holiday season, St. Paul’s PACE seeks donations from the community to assist with special care packages, which include deodorant, soap, hair products and other hygiene related items. These items can be delivered to their facility located at 111 Elm Street, San Diego, CA 92101. For more information, call (619) 677-3800 or visit

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