New Gallery Exhibition by Delana Delgado Honors Community, Culture and Womanhood

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Arts District Liberty Station is thrilled to announce a brand-new gallery exhibit opening in Gallery 201, formerly known as Martha Pace Swift Gallery. Presenting her work in Arts District for the first time, Puerto Rican photographer, Delana Delgado, will debut new 35mm and collage works titled Around the Way Girl, curated by Dinah Poellnitz, beginning on Friday, November 3. 

Born and raised in San Diego, Delana’s lens captures a glimpse into her upbringing and the profound influence of culture, women, tradition and la comunidad on her artistic journey. Her solo debut invites art lovers to intimately explore not just her own life but also the various communities that resonate with her work. Through the medium of 35 mm photography and collage, the show promises to be a visual narrative that weaves her experiences with the people she captures with her photos.

“I am thrilled to showcase my work in Arts District for the first time ever! Seeing my work on the walls of Gallery 201 will be a huge moment for me, and I’m so honored I get to work with my friend, colleague, and mentor Dinah Poellnitz as my curator,” said Delana Delgado. “This show means a lot to me as it is my way that I can pay homage to sisterhood and matriarchal roles belonging to the women who have shaped my identity. My work captures the ever-flowing movements of life and I hope that people build a connection with the show.”

Applying her anthropological background to her craft, Delana focuses on mundane human interactions that many overlook. Her use of a candid style to document her travels allows her to tell the stories of the culture, women, and the city that raised her. Preferring unposed or candid moments, Delana shoots on 35mm analog cameras as a representation of the fleeting moments that can only be captured with one attempt and never recreated.

A proud Boricua, Delana incorporates all aspects of her identity into her art. Staying true to the intersectionality of womanhood and culture, Delana not only uses her art as a mirror, looking into the most intimate parts of her self-identity, but also as a beacon of light for anyone who can form a connection in one way or another to her photography. Through this exhibit, Delana is making way for a collective space at the table where communities of color, service workers, street vendors, and the working class can be celebrated. Most of all, she uses her work to pay respect, honor, and preserve the beauty of her community, and the people within them.

Delano Delgado is shown in front of some of her photography.

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