Newcomers Welcomed in Mission Hills

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The Newcomer Program welcomes new Mission Hills’ residents.

The Newcomer Program welcomes new Mission Hills’ residents.

If you see this sign at your neighbor’s house, stop by and give them a big welcome to the “hood”. The Mission Hills Business Improvement District (BID) is delivering these signs and a welcome tote bag full of invitations and gifts from neighborhood businesses to home buyers, as they move into our wonderful community. But the BID can only do so much. It is your outstretched hand and greeting that will make them feel the welcome. The welcome bag also includes information on Mission Hills’ organizations and activities, a directory of community businesses, and some history about our Mission Hills.

Those of us here already know how fortunate we are to live here, where we can often eschew those dreaded freeways to visit San Diego’s best attractions, and where the traditions of history and moving forward merge into perfect lifestyles. Be sure to pass it on to your new neighbors. For any questions, or to add your business to the welcome bag, contact Ginny Ollis, 629-295-3904,


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