Parker Foundation Reaches 50th Anniversary of Serving San Diego Nonprofit Organizations

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Started by Gerald T. and Inez Grant Parker in 1971, The Parker Foundation is celebrating 50 years of contributing to an expansive list of non-profit organizations with the goal of bettering the lives for all people in San Diego County. The foundation has given more than $58 million in grants to over 750 organizations throughout San Diego. From the Balboa Park Conservancy to the San Diego Rescue Mission, The Parker Foundation has provided essential funds to some of the county’s most beloved establishments, youth programs, homeless outreach and more.

During a recent interview, The Parker Foundation Board President Ray Ellis spoke on behalf of the foundation and the work it has been doing for non-profit groups in San Diego.

According to Ellis, “During the last 50 years, The Parker Foundation has provided over 2,000 grants and over $58 million to San Diego county organizations. There have been many success stories over the years. Organizations like Voices for Children, Reality Changers and Outdoor Outreach have had a huge impact on assisting youth. Through support from The Parker Foundation, cultural organizations have been able to expand their impact and educational opportunities. We’ve also responded to crisis situations impacting our community such as the HIV/Aids Crisis in the 1980s and more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic.” 

When asked about the organizations that the Foundation has supported, and which has had the most opportunities, due to their purpose and programs, Ellis offered information about the process, “Organizations that The Parker Foundation funds are eligible to submit a new request two years after receiving a grant. Then, it’s up to our board members to analyze the specific details of the request including dollar amount and potential impact on the organization and community.  During our most recent fiscal year, the foundation funded approximately $522,000 to cultural organizations, $686,000 to adult and youth services, $57,000 to medical causes, $170,000 to education, $427,800 to community, equity and miscellaneous projects and $200,000 to environmental programs.”  When asked about where the Parker Foundation hope to be in 50 years, Ellis offered, “Each year the board has an annual retreat where we examine what we’ve done and how we should move forward.  We hope to continue to identify programs and organizations that we can support and therefore create a stronger impact on the community, individuals and families they serve.”

The Parker Foundation Board President Ray Ellis also serves on the Neighborhood House Association and is on the Regional Task Force on the Homeless.


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