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As we all know, the political world we live in today has gotten really ugly.  And, for the most part, the series of recent negative occurrences (locally and nationally) are creating distance between government and the people.  Elected officials who have their own agendas and won’t be independent of their political alliances are destroying government, one action at a time.  

We need balance in government.  A lopsided, one-sided perspective, Democrat or Republican, that is solely bent on “getting its way” can not be good for the people. 

Respectably, I am hearing from people every day that California’s government has gotten extremely unbalanced.  And, who loses, the people it represents. 

That’s why I am encouraging our readers to really take a serious look at the people running for office, especially the mayoral position.

In the last issue of the Presidio Sentinel, I shared comments from people out of the state of California who also say that our state has gotten out of control.  And, in their opinion, which I have to agree with, is that the people that are supposed to represent us are not paying attention to their constituents and are making some horrible decisions that are seriously going to hurt our economy.  That includes AB5 that was initiated by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzales Fletcher and is supported by Todd Gloria. 

Two of the current mayoral candidates that I have communicated with (Barbara Bry and Scott Sherman) are opposed to AB5 and recognize the negative impact of this bill on the freelance, private contractor community, including journalists, gardeners, daycare providers, graphic designers, musicians, ridesharing, food delivery, interior design services, timber operations, single truck owner-operators, hospitality franchises (Pizza Hut, Marriott, KFC, IHOP, etc.), interpreting and translating services; physical, respiratory, massage, speech, occupational and other therapy industries; nonprofits, home repairs, catering and event planning, lab technology, nurse anesthetizing, optometry, social work, behavioral health, pet grooming, dog walking, pool cleaning, and many, many more.

Despite the fact that mayoral candidate Todd Gloria has been questioned and challenged by the media and his constituents about his support of AB5, he continues to do so without any reasoning.

Without hesitation I can state that the reason he isn’t able to understand the impact of AB5 is because he has never had his own business, has not been a freelance contractor, and doesn’t understand the consequences of his decision. 

On the other hand, both Scott Sherman and Barbara Bry have run their own businesses and know from experience the impact of AB5. 

That’s why I believe Sherman and Bry are better qualified to represent the people of San Diego and have already demonstrated by their roles as councilmembers that they listen to their constituents and then take action.  Not the other way around: act then listen.

This is one of many issues that we need to consider, including housing challenges (Airbnb for example) that should force us to look at the actions of our current elected officials running for mayor of San Diego. 

Taking the time to research the top three contenders will make a huge difference on election day, and for the future of San Diego, which needs leaders who listen to their constituents before taking action on issues that may negatively impact the city, its residents and businesses. That’s why I encourage every San Diegan who has the opportunity to please vote wisely.

Mayoral candidate Barbara Bry (far right) is shown with Ann Garwood and Nancy Moors and their guest during a recent “friend raiser”.

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