Presidio Park and Old Town Golf Course Are Fire Dangers

| October 5, 2014 | 2 Comments

Over the last couple of months, I have been getting emails, phone calls and on-the-street comments from people living in the Presidio Hills and Old Town area, those living closest to Presidio Park and the neighboring golf course. What has become obvious is that very little is being done to correct a serious problem, dead brush and trees that are not only an eye sore, they are a fire danger. The common comment I hear is that these individuals have voiced their concerns with the authorities with very little results.

Recently I met with Bob O’Connor, Neighborhood Watch captain for Presidio Hills’ residents. He shared with me the emails and conversations with Presidio Park officials and representatives from Todd Gloria’s office.

On August 8, 2014, O’Connor met with a park official at Presidio Park and discussed the condition of the Park including the neighbors’ and his concerns that the park was not in good condition due to dead trees, dried up brush and lack of water for certain areas. O’Connor said he was introduced to Gary Burns, another park official. They drove the site and observed the areas of most concern to the Presidio Hills neighborhood.

After that meeting, only minor improvements were made. None were formidable enough to reduce the fire danger concern. O’Connor shared his concern that one of the most critical areas from a fire threat standpoint is the area below the viewpoint at the intersection of Cosoy and Presidio Drive. Beyond the white stucco wall (lookout point for visitors) is thick dead brush on the park property. This area lines the property of the homes going down the hill on Cosoy/Jackson Drive.

One of the property owners near that site, Karl Crooks, shared with me photos of dead brush that has been building on the property over the last one and a half years. He has also expressed his frustration with park officials and has seen no response to correct this serious problem.

O’Connor is concerned, as are other neighbors, that the city has not made Presidio Park a priority. If a fire in the park would occur and homes/lives were lost, the city would have significant exposure as a result of its lack of park maintenance. This is especially true since the City has been placed on written notice of these potential dangers, but no efforts to correct these conditions have occurred.

Dead brush and trees are covering Presidio Park making it a fire danger and concern for all Mission Hills and Old Town residents and businesses.

Dead brush and trees are covering Presidio Park making it a fire danger and concern for all Mission Hills and Old Town residents and businesses.

Other than budget constraints, no other reason has been provided as to why the issues raised in emails, phone conversations and in person have not been addressed. O’Connor has recently asked the park officials, “If the request to clean up the potential fire dangers in Presidio Park is beyond your control or authority, please advise me as to who I should communicate with to accomplish our requests?” O’Connor is waiting for an answer.

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