San Diegan Wins Oldways’ Award

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By Patty Ducey-Brooks

Oldways, I’ve learned, has a mission regarding the future of food – about growing, processing, preparing, eating, drinking, and enjoying it. The founders of this organization agree that the “old ways” are sounder than the “new ways” for just about everything to do with what we consume, and discuss ways to advocate for reviving the healthful pleasures of real food.

My interest was peaked because I have an “old school” mindset about food, which is due to the fact that my parents were farmers who grew and raised their food. So I was eager to learn more about Oldways and Wendy Bazilian and their role in educating people to eat healthier.

Wendy Bazilian, who resides in Escondido, is a doctor of Public Health and a registered dietitian. Bazilian has a private practice in Rancho Bernardo with her husband, Bazilian’s Health Clinic. She provides nutrition and fitness consultation. Her husband practices acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

I also learned that Bazilian is a nutrition advisor for the Golden Door. She has been working with the chefs, gardeners and other staff since 2002. With enthusiasm in her voice, Bazilian shared her passion, “My background coincides beautifully with nourishing the body from garden to kitchen to table. I love food and communicating, the commonalities and differences, human needs and basic health.”

Bazilian’s expertise covers a wide range of subjects in the health and nutrition field. She is also an educator, lecturer and writer. She is the author of “The SuperFoodsRx Diet: Lose Weight with the Power of SuperNutrients” and has published over 200 articles for corporate and other media.

Bazilian, as “Oldways,” promotes the Mediterranean diet and celebrates the nutritional elements that come to the table. She said that the Mediterranean diet includes an eating pattern, enjoying a meal around a table, with others in conversation. The Mediterranean diet means avoiding processed foods, instead opting for “fresh, organic, whole and real food ingredients,” including grains, fruits and vegetables, fish, a modest use of dairy, plus nuts, herbs and spices. While sharing the importance of real food and real ingredients, Bazilian pointed out that herbs and spices provide essential benefits because they add flavor and have other naturally, nutritious attributes.

Getting “back to basics” is a strong component to the message, and “eat real food” is a guiding principal. Bazilian then stated that we need to be reminded of the physiology of digestion, what is happening within our bodies because of what we consume.

Bazilian is extremely honored by the award given to her by Oldways and is looking forward to an exciting 2012, which includes lectures and presentations, as well as emceeing and speaking at an event in New York City next June with Dr. Oz. She will also be giving a presentation entitled, “Pleasures of the Plate: The Mediterranean Diet, SuperFoods, and the Bonus of Plus,” which is open to the public on June 3 and June 4 in New York City for The Foods for Your Whole Lifesymposium.

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