Save San Diego Neighborhoods Endorses Barbara Bry to be San Diego’s Next Mayor

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“San Diego is in the midst of a major housing crisis with no end in sight. Short-term rentals are worsening this crisis and driving up housing costs for all San Diego residents. When I am Mayor, I will enforce the existing zoning laws that prohibit short-term rentals, and I will work to preserve housing for whom it was intended — hard working San Diego residents.” Barbara Bry, candidate for mayor of San Diego.

Save San Diego Neighborhoods Chair, Ronan Gray said, “Barbara Bry understands the negative impact short-term rentals have on San Diego’s housing supply —driving up San Diego’s already astronomical housing costs. She understands that the conversion of residential dwellings to short-term rentals is a violation of law, and that Mayor Faulconer’s refusal to enforce the law is both a failure of governance and a fundamental breach of the public trust.”

Residents and San Diego Community Planning Groups have implored Mayor Faulconer and City Attorney Mara Elliott to enforce existing law and remove short-term rentals from San Diego neighborhoods, to no avail.

The problem of short-term rentals in residential zones continues unabated. San Diego’s city auditor has estimated there are 16,000 single-family homes operating as short-term rentals in San Diego. There are also an unknown number of apartments and condominiums being used for this illegal purpose.

Save San Diego Neighborhoods, with over 3,000 members, is the largest grass roots citizen organization in the City. Its members have been fighting for enforcement of San Diego’s municipal code ordinances, which prohibits short-term rentals, for over four years.

Councilmember Barbara Bry is a candidate for the mayor of San Diego.

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