“Stop Undermining Democracy Now”

| January 5, 2020 | 0 Comments

By Former U.S. Congressman Jim Bates (D-California)

Speaker Pelosi is trying to package her “Democrat Impeachment” as a “Constitutional Duty,” not the “Partisan Revenge” that it is. Actually, the Democrat Partisan Revenge is the real abuse of power involved here and it is strictly contrary to Constitutional authority.

The power the Democrats are abusing is the “power of impeachment” solely given to the Congress, not to the Democrats as Political Party. Here the Democrats are putting their party’s interests before their Country’s interests by making impeachment a function of political party politics.

The Constitution grants power to the “Congress,” but that power is derived from the “people” and “the consent of the governed.” Seventy-one percent (71 percent) of the American people are not Democrats. Forty-four percent (44 percent) of the American people identify as Independents. Only Twenty-Nine percent (29 percent) are Democrats. This impeachment is solely being pushed by the Democrats as their political agenda.

Speaker Pelosi’s numerous past efforts at Impeachment failed because the partisan issue was then correctly viewed for what it is: a partisan issue – not an “American people” issue. The Speaker repeatedly stated that any impeachment must be “BIPARTISAN.” However, when she lost control of the Democratic Caucus, and in order to keep her power as Speaker, Pelosi gave in to the Radical Left of the Democratic Party. Raw Partisan Power – not the interests of the American people – won the day.

In the Declaration of Independence and in our Constitution, there is no mention, no reference, no consideration of Political parties. They didn’t exist in the early days of Congress. In fact, President George Washington warned the Congress about the danger of political parties and ensuing “Partisan Warfare.” He referenced the Civil War in England in 1746, based on Political Parties. He felt political parties would use any means necessary to gain power, any deception or chicanery, and once with absolute power, would take political revenge on their political opponent. “Dig up dirt” on them, to use the term Democrats like to use.

The Democrats are committing an “Abuse of Power” by proceeding in a strictly Democratic Impeachment. The “Power of the People” is being ignored along with the bedrock principle of the “Consent of the Governed” which has now been reduced to nothing more than a phrase. The Democrats’ oath of office and the Constitution itself, our most treasured document, has been rendered irrelevant in this “Abuse of Power.”

“Courage is the first among the human qualities, because it is the one that guarantees the others.” – Aristotle

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