Super Tuesday Election in Our Community

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As the nation was preparing for election results for Super Tuesday of the Presidential Election, the Uptown Community, which includes Mission Hills, Hillcrest, University Heights and Bankers Hill, also had an important election. This election was for the upcoming board members for the Uptown Planners. This organization is responsible for voting on the Community Plan Update. Fact is, the Uptown Planners’ board has a very important role in deciding and voting on building densities and heights. All of this affects the quality of life for all of us in these connecting communities.

It was a full house. Upward of 550 residents and business owners arrived to hear from the hopeful candidates and were able to cast their votes for incoming board members. Having attended other elections, I was quite shocked and impressed by the turnout. Obviously, this boards’ role is seen as critical to the future of our communities.

These are the individuals who were elected to join or retain their position on the board: Roy Dahl (Hillcrest), Bill Ellig (University Heights), Tim Gahagan (Hillcrest), Amie Hayes (Bankers Hill/Park West), Soheil Nakhshab (Bankers Hill/Park West), Maya Rosas (Mission Hills), and Cindy Thorsen (University Heights).

As I will constantly remind myself, though I might have voted for the candidates that have been elected to the board; and I may think they best represent the communities’ needs and goals, it’s our responsibility to remind them. We did elect them to the board.

However, “we” must stay involved and continue to be a voice of logic and reasoning.

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