Mad for March!

| March 9, 2016 | 0 Comments

by Troy Curnett, MHBID President

With spring upon us we look forward to nature’s renewal with the vernal equinox and the anticipation of increasing daylight hours.

So where should we get started?

Hiking and biking is a great way to relax, solo or with friends and family, after a long day’s work and on weekends. And speaking of biking, the Mission Hills BID just received approval on a bicycle grant application to celebrate National Bike Month in May promoting bicycling as a transportation modality. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date information on this “Mission Hills Community Bike to Business Ride and Symposium” taking place during the month of May.

There are many places in Mission Hills to partake of the frenzied basketball play-offs known as March Madness and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day too! They tend to overlap; the venues and the events. They are plentiful and top notch right here in the neighborhood! Ah, and if you plan to enjoy these events in the comfort of your own home, think “local” when you stock up or order take-out for these special days.

The Mission Hills BID has set its Taste of Mission Hills event date for Tuesday, October 11, 2016 and will support Mission Hills businesses with added promotional efforts on Saturday, November 26, 2016 also known as Small Business Saturday. We normally don’t mention our events until a month or two out, though with the increasingly busy lives we lead, many have asked us to give plenty of advance notice so that planning considerations may be taken to include special events occurring in our community onto personal calendars.

We are looking forward to the much needed pipeline replacement project’s conclusion in Mission Hills and continue to thank those businesses most impacted by the loss of parking spaces, road closures, detours, low flowing water supply, and dust, dirt, and grime. The BID raised its voice when the pipeline replacement project managers sent a head’s up they intended to continue digging and drilling with heavy machinery during the three-day Valentine’s /President’s Day weekend. With help from our councilmember we were able to secure an exit by early afternoon on Saturday February 13 with work resuming on February 18. And in true Mission Hills fashion, on the morning of the 13th our restaurant owners were delivering food to the workers and a team of florists were handing them flowers. God bless our business owners. Only in Mission Hills!

As I am out and about in Mission Hills, it is hard to imagine the ever-present threat to our personal safety and to our possessions. The recent occurrences of graffiti on the BID’s monuments and elsewhere, of trespassers sleeping in our crawl spaces and backyards, and packages being stolen from our front door steps are a reminder that we live and work in an urban environment and must remain vigilant.

I always look forward to springtime, how about you?

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