The 2020 Presidential Election Is Heading for a Train Wreck

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By Jim Bates, Retired, Democratic City Councilman, County Supervisor and Congressman

Remember when Stop Undermining Democracy Now (SUDN) communicated that the House of Representatives have 24 Congressional “Ghost District’s”?

If you don’t recall, here’s a recap. Every decade at least 18 million “Illegal Immigrants” are counted in the Census. Then when the Redistricting process creates new Congressional Districts, the Electoral College system creates an Electoral Vote, which is then counted, or rather, voted in the Presidential Election every four years.

They are called “Ghost District’s” because the “Illegal Immigrants” are in the United States of America illegally. They can be deported at any time. If deported all at one time, only “ghosts” remain. 

And no, I am not a racist, and “name calling” won’t change the facts. SUDN is making this a Constitutional legal argument. My friend Cesar Chavez, United Farmworker Leader, said, “If we can get the illegals out of California, we can win the strike overnight.” He was no racist. 

The “Ghost District’s” are only half the problem. The other half of the problem, of the “train wreck”, is that there are 22 million “legal non-citizens,” who are included in a similar process.

While they are not “Ghost District’s,” they are not “Citizens,” and are identified as Legal Non-Citizens. Ironically, they create 29 Congressional Districts. That’s right, 22 million people create 29 Congressional Districts which then become 29 Electoral votes in our Electoral College system.

Wow! That’s certainly a train wreck of monumental proportions, and most assuredly, very, very unconstitutional!

Think of it, 40 million non-citizens voting in our Presidential election. Talk about “voter fraud!”

Common sense alone tells us that this is not what the framers of the Constitution had in mind when they wrote and ratified the Constitution. This is clearly unconstitutional!

What do mean when we say unconstitutional?

Well, under the Fourteenth Amendment, Section 2, it states, “The basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.”  There is nothing about Illegal Immigrants or legal-non citizens.

As you may know, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified August 18, 1920 and insured that women had the right to vote. This should have originally been included in the Constitution, however, it was changed by “amending” the Constitution.

Therefore, if you are going to include “illegal immigrants” and “legal non-citizens” in Congressional Districts and allow them to vote in the Electoral College system, wouldn’t it make sense that it should be done via a Constitutional Amendment? 

However, what has become the norm is to act on behalf of changing districts through the back door, without full representation of the citizens of the USA.

This “Unconstitutional” practice, which was not pursued properly through our democratic process, has created several other Unconstitutional, undemocratic, and frankly just unfair practices.  This includes taking a Congressional District, and fair representation, from one State to another State. Take the State of Iowa, which previously had six Congressional Districts, and cast six Electoral votes in the Presidential election, but currently have only four Congressional Districts, and cast only four Electoral votes.

Can you imagine losing 1/3 of your entire State’s delegation because they are counting illegal and legal Non-Citizens who reside in the United States of America? Can you not agree that this a deceitful process to “undermine Democracy” in the United States of America? 

So what happened to One (1) of Iowa’s Congressional Districts? Where did it go? Well, as Horace Greeley advised, “Go west young man, go west to the City of Los Angeles, CA.

That’s correct, the City of Los Angeles, California has three additional Congressional seats. Which means each district has over 1/3 of the residents that are deemed “Illegal Immigrants” and/or “legal non-residents.”

And as a reminder, these are the three lone Iowa Districts that went west. And now, it became three Unconstitutional California Congressional Districts and yes one “fraudulent” Electoral Vote. 

Do you see that Iowan’s votes are diluted by this process? It is no longer “one man, one vote, but one man, .89 vote.” Every citizen voter in America will be casting, not a complete vote, but a vote that has been diluted by 11 percent.  And unless something is done it will only get worse. When you cast your vote, it will be 11 percent less. 

Most of the members of the House of Representatives have some of the 40 million “Illegal immigrants” and “legal non-citizens” in their Districts. That is 11 percent of the population of the Congress.  Probably every District has some, most likely interspersed throughout the United States. 

What can be done to avert this calamity?

The courts have ruled.  The issue is population representation. Yet the Constitution clearly defines who can vote for Electors as citizens. If necessary, Stop Undermining Democracy Now (SUDN) intends to file an Injunction to stay the certifying of the Electoral College Votes in the 2020 Presidential Election. If the Injunction is granted, the train wreck may be diverted.

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