The Subculture of Politics – No Longer Behind Closed Doors

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Though it appalls me to have to even consider writing on this subject, my gut instinct says it’s time to speak up. Over this past month, as citizens of the City of San Diego, we have had to face a serious reality, the actions of some of our elected officials are destroying our credibility. We have become an embarrassment around the country and it’s time that we unite to say enough. I am not proposing a recall. I am proposing that in a united voice “we” ask Mayor Filner to resign. This starts with all of our councilmembers, including Marti Emerald, Sherri Lightner and Myrtle Cole, unanimously and publicly asking for him to resign. By their lack of action, Emerald, Lightner and Cole are condoning Filner’s unprofessional work style and stating it’s acceptable to act this way in the City of San Diego governmental offices. That’s not a work environment I want to be associated with.

The unfortunate fact is that many of us knew something was amiss when Filner was campaigning for office. A close business associate shared with me that Filner had approached her about seeing him on a personal basis. She asked about his engagement. He responded by telling her not to believe everything she reads.

Apparently, this was a common statement he made to numerous women.

And, many of us who are with the media are aware of Filner’s temper tantrums and verbal abuse. We hoped he would change once he was in office. Obviously, we were wrong.

So, how do we proceed? We begin by not giving Filner the attention he has been accustomed to. We stop inviting him to events and meetings. We make it obvious that we don’t want to include him on decision making issues. And, we don’t give him any positive press.

We must make a very noticeable statement that the style and manner in which he has been acting is not acceptable to any of us. Remember, a leader needs a team. If we’re not on his team…he’s no longer leading.

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