Two-Day Event Celebrates American Indian Heritage in San Diego

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The San Diego American Indian Health Center (SDAIHC) will host its annual Balboa Park Pow Wow from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, October 2 and 3 at the corner of Park Boulevard and President’s Way. This year the event will be held in recognition of the late Saginaw Grant for his leadership and many contributions to the American Indian community. Everyone is welcome to attend this free, family-friendly event. 

Pow Wow’s are traditional spiritual and cultural events which feature native drumming, singing, and dancing. For years, the American Indian community throughout the San Diego area has celebrated these traditions by gathering at the Balboa Park Pow Wow. Participants of all ages will be present from various American Indian/Alaskan Native Tribes, bands, and communities, and invite all to come and share in this wonderful experience. 

During these gatherings, cultural traditions can be passed from generation to generation and serve as a learning experience for American Indian youth. Pow Wow’s also provide a spiritual experience for American Indians and a time to recognize community elders and ancestors, as well as reflect on the past and look to the future. It is also an opportunity to raise cultural awareness within the greater San Diego population about American Indians/Alaskan Natives and our passion for celebrating and preserving customs and traditions. 

“Pow Wow’s are gatherings of American Indian/Alaskan Native nations to celebrate and perpetuate their beautiful traditions of drumming, singing, dancing, prayers, and kinship. We invite everyone to come and share the experience,” said Randy Edmonds, community elder and leader. 

The emcee for the event will be Randy Edmonds. Each day will begin with recognizing and honoring the Kumeyaay people, who homelands include Balboa Park, with beautiful Bird Songs, followed by gourd dancing, inter-tribal dancing, and honorings. Vendors will be selling handmade jewelry, pottery, basketry, clothing and a variety of other crafts and goods. Food venders will offer delectable American Indian dishes such as fry bread and Indian tacos in addition to other treats. 

This event is sponsored by the San Diego American Indian Health Canter and is made possible with the help of the Pow Wow Committee, that includes Randy Edmonds, Ana Jacome, Abel Jacome, Tina Morales, Shurene Premo, Larry Edmonds, and Paula Brim. 

Julie LaBrake from Sycuan is shown in traditional clothing for the dances that she performs.

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