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Mother’s Day is on the horizon

Vons, located at 515 W. Washington Street, opened with enthusiasm and lots of energy well over a month ago. Now the locals and guests have settled in to enjoy the new store and all that it has to offer.

Some of Vons’ customers are enjoying the fact that the new store has an incredible selection of grocery items, plus things that they never had at the “old store” that was at the same location. Because I shopped at the previous store, several times a week, I can attest to the fact there has been a “major” transformation. It’s like going to Disneyland. I keep telling my friends and business associates, “You got to see this new store. It’s phenomenal.”

Therefore, with Mother’s Day on the horizon, there are lots of exciting options for those who plan ahead. And, there are no shortages of options for those who wait until the last moment.

We recently did a store tour to make suggestions for Mother’s Day purchases. Here are our thoughts.

We started at the bakery department. Have you checked it out? Oh my gosh, it’s unbelievable. Fresh baked desserts that are sinfully delicious are available every single day.

Then we head to the floral department, my favorite part of the store. If you’re in to live plants and floral arrangements, you’re going to drool. The selection is unbelievable. I love tulips, so, guess what goes in to my grocery cart.

Well, I won’t forget that we also traveled to the wine department to be reminded that specialty chocolates and an impressive champagne are an exceptional treat for Moms. There isn’t a shortage of them at this store.

So, without being pushy, I would encourage you to be thoughtful and generous this Mother’s Day. Mom deserves the best.

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