We Can All Benefit From Motherly Advice

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For those of us with loving mothers who have provided unconditional love and lots of important guidance, we know that May is the month to recognize them and their contributions to our upbringing.  Even though I recognize my mother in different ways during this month, she is on my mind constantly.  That’s because she was a very positive influence in my life.  So, I often feel the need to thank her for teaching me to look for ways to be my best, even when I don’t think I have the energy or desire.

It’s unfortunate all of us don’t have mothers like her.  She set an example by being my mother, not my best friend.  Which meant she had to be firm and disciplined my sisters and me when we deserved it.  However, that didn’t mean she wasn’t fun to be around.  Mom had a great sense of humor, loved her family, her church community, the neighborhood and being active in her daughter’s lives and our extended families.  

When I think about the world we live in today and all the unfortunate events and people who are responsible for them, including school shootings, political disarray, celebrities who practice bad behavior and the media and entertainment industry that promotes it, I know what she would say, “It’s time to clean house.”

Mom didn’t tolerate bad behavior or people speaking and acting disrespectful.   And, she had no problem addressing people who did act in this manner. 

She would say, “As adults and role models, we are responsible for setting example and not tolerating bad behavior…in all its forms.”

And, she would be right.

We have gotten to a place where tolerance is about accepting everything and anything that someone throws at us.  We don’t challenge each other to create goodwill and be better people.  If you watch what is on television, in the movies and on social media, it’s obvious that everything is acceptable, even when it shouldn’t be.

As my mother would say, “I worry about future generations.” 

That’s because the new norms have gotten very extreme. 

I don’t think anyone can disagree that we can all use some new codes of conduct in the world, starting with our elected officials, on both sides of the house. 

And, we should demand some decorum from the entertainment industry that has decided that it’s okay to create a destructive and harmful culture that manifests itself through world events. 

The fact is, there are very susceptible human beings in this world that seek attention in whatever manner they can get it.  We’re providing them the reason and the outlets to do exactly that, act out! 

As my mother would say, “Shame on us! Now do something about it.”

Instead of pointing the finger, she would say, “We need to demand a corrected course.” 

She would be right. We’re creating a culture, a society that lacks respect and dignity.  And, we have no one to blame but ourselves. 

I thank my Mom for all her lessons and corrections and unconditional love.  We can all use good role models who set examples and demand better from us. 

She had no problem asking us to “look within ourselves” to determine our motivation, good and bad.  And, thank God she did. Because of her, I am sometimes reminded to correct my course.

Wouldn’t you agree, “We can all use some motherly advice?”

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