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We’re Eatin’, We’re Drinkin’, Most Importantly, We’re Reading!

You know how we are: We Eat. We Drink. We Read. We’re literate. The benefits? Incalculable! “Literacy is one of the basic foundations of a civilized society.” says County supervisor Greg Cox. That’s why the San Diego Council on Literacy’s (SDCOL) annual event, on May 18, celebrates literacy with these essential activities, and works year ‘round with 29 literacy organizations here to promote, inspire, and support reading.

Jose Cruz is the CEO of San Diego Council on Literacy.

Jose Cruz is the CEO of San Diego Council on Literacy.

Eat. Drink. Read, “A Culinary Event for Literacy,” will be held from 5:30 to 8 p.m., Wednesday, May 18 at Liberty Station. Please visit www.literacysandiego.org/edr or call (888) 850-7323 for more information and registration.

SDCOL’S CEO, Jose Cruz, reports a surprising fact noted in, ”The Life Project” – in which author Helen Pearson shows that, while being born poor is a huge source of risk to health and well-being, reading as a child predicts better outcomes later in life, regardless of the socioeconomic status of one’s parents, one’s environment.

Says Cruz, “Through literacy, we gain access to information that supports well-being and functionality. This year, we are emphasizing a children’s book collection drive. People should know that 60 percent of low-income children have no books in their homes. By what miracle will they be ready to learn in kindergarten? How will they at grade level by the time they’re nine? Like successful readers, these children need books. They need to be read to by their parents. And they need exposure to words, so they can build vocabularies that enable them to understand what they read!”

Children, of course, are not the sole beneficiaries of SDCOL’s programs. Add those who have managed to become adults without learning to read, and immigrants who attend English-as-a Second Language classes. SDCOL covers the County.

At “Eat. Drink. Read,” more than 25 restaurateurs will present a dish inspired by a favorite book. Chef Jose Duran, from Casa Guadalajara, for example, has chosen Frida’s Fiesta: Recipes and Reminiscences of Life with Frida Khalo as his book. He will serve squash blossom quesadillas and red snapper, Veracruz style.

Participating among our county’s splendid eateries will also be the La Valencia Hotel and Grant Grill Lounge. Add wineries, breweries, waters and soft drinks, and attendees have an evening of delicious cuisine in store. More importantly; they’ll also help the SDCOL fulfill its most important mission.

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