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10 Benefits from Your Vacation to Your Daily Life

In a time where everything seems to be based on its efficiency, going on a vacation might seem decadent or wasteful, meaningless if nothing else. Why travel? Read below what a vacation can do for you and how to make good use of it (they are, efficient after all).

  1. Break free from routine. The body and mind get used to and supported by routine. After a while it can become a rut, which hinders body and mind rather than supports it. An obvious sign is when deviations from the routine are met with disapproval or fear, or if routines are being kept even if they are not useful anymore. Life consists of change.
  2. Once far away there is nobody who knows us personally. This is a great opportunity to try out a broader spectrum of our character traits. Back home you can go a step further and try it out among the people you know.
  3. Traveling to new places broadens our horizon in many ways. At home, we tend to expect ourselves to know everything and don’t allow ourselves to make any mistakes. At a strange place, there is so much to be learned. Funny situations can occur from our being new to it. Enjoy this fresh energy and experiment with your new environment. Laughing at ourselves is very liberating.
  4. Exposed to a new environment, our curiosity re-awakens. We get inspired by what we find and feel connected in a powerful way. Long forgotten passions may be remembered and can encourage changes for when we return home.
  5. With travels to a foreign country, we can re-evaluate our own cultural values. Sometimes we might get inspired by seeing how the locals do something.
  6. Get in touch with yourself. At home we often get caught up in the busy days, little time and energy is left to really check in with ourselves. While away, we have time to ask ourselves, “How am I doing in this life?” “Am I going where I set out to go?” “Do I like the life I have built for myself?” “Is there anything I can/want to add in order to feel fulfilled, purposeful, happy?”
  7. On your return home, decide right away which habits you don´t want to pick up again (e.g. surfing the internet until late), and which habits you would like to establish (e.g. taking up a hobby you meant to do for a long time).
  8. Learn something new. If we go to a country with a different language, it is fun to learn a few basic words and see how efficient we are with body language and little to say. It gives us a new pride and joy. Give your memory a boost and see how many facts about the vacation spot you can recall after your return, by talking about it.
  9. When we return from a vacation we see everything at home with a pair of fresh eyes. This is the best time to take note of your insights and change things around. It is amazing what we get used to when it changes slowly. Remember, you want your structure and environment to support you, not the other way around.
  10. Let go. Leaving our daily life comes with a price and can be challenging for those of us who like to be in control (just enduring an airplane ride will offer a lesson). Take a deep breath and enjoy the newly gained flexibility.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer.

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