Emilio Nares Foundation Reaches Milestone

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Serves 4,000 Children Battling Cancer in Southern California

The Emilio Nares Foundation invites the San Diego community to participate in the month long Ride with Emilio Campaign in March to focus on eliminating children missing their cancer treatments due to lack of transportation. The Emilio Nares Foundation is a nonprofit that has helped families navigate their child’s journey through cancer for 16 years. In December 2019, the Emilio Nares Foundation hit their one million mile mark, serving 4,000 children across Southern California. The Ride with Emilio Campaign will kick off on Monday, March 2 and the Ride Along Day for children battling cancer will take place on Friday, March 20.

The Emilio Nares Foundation recognizes that not all children with cancer are able to get to their cancer treatments. Some children whose families don’t have cars are unable to get them to the proper care they need in order to have the fighting chance against cancer. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of providing rides for low-income families with children who are battling cancer in Southern California.

“In 2018, approximately 2,200 children missed cancer treatment appointments in the greater Los Angeles area due to transportation,” said Karen Terra, CEO and president of the Emilio Nares Foundation. “The Ride with Emilio Program has traveled over one million miles to provide rides for over 4,000 children in Orange County, San Diego, and south LA. We’re very excited to celebrate the one million mark this year and to fundraise to continue serving children with cancer and expanding our services.”

San Diegans can help raise critical funds for children battling cancer by participating in Ride Along Day on Friday, March 20, which will depart around 9:30 a.m. from 3020 Children’s Way, San Diego CA 92123 and will make its way to major corporate partners. Anyone interested in supporting the Ride with Emilio Campaign is encouraged to do any of the following:

  • Become a Ride with Emilio corporate partner.
  • Join the campaign page to add to our team at RideWithEmilio.org.
  • Ask your company to MATCH your donation. Ask your HR department for details.
  • Join as a partner for Ride Along Day.

To learn more about the Ride with Emilio campaign, visit www.ridewithemilio.org.

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