Songa Designs International Collaborates with Mrembo Africa

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Artisan groups from Kenya and Rwanda work together to empower women

Both Songa Designs and Mrembo Africa support artisans who create hand-made accessories.

Songa Designs International, a socially conscious accessories and lifestyle brand, recently announced its collaboration with Mrembo Africa to promote its 2017 summer collection of sarongs that empower underprivileged women around the world. Hand-dyed by skilled Kenyan artisans over the course of two hours, each detailed sarong showcases the beauty of artisan groups from different backgrounds combining their talents. Each sarong comes with a beautifully woven sisal leaf sarong buckle woven by Songa artisans. The limited edition artisan sarongs will be available for purchase through August 31, 2017.

Both Songa Designs and Mrembo Africa are rooted in uplifting women, empowering African artisans with socio-economical support and entrepreneur skills to reach economic independence and improve their living standards– through a diverse range of hand-made accessories.

“It’s important to me that we set an example among the various artisan groups in Africa,” said Sarah Sternberg, founder of Songa Designs. “I am constantly inspired by the talent throughout the country and see the success of artisans, whether in Kenya or Rwanda, as a success for us all.”

Songa Designs works with more than 175 women and encourages the artisans to negotiate their wages and confidently express their creativity. For example, Jacqueline, one of the artisans, is the designer behind the fall 2016 handbag collection’s top seller, the Jacqueline Handbag. A newer organization, Mrembo works with 16 women and one man with a disability who supervises and trains the artisans on tailoring, design and stitching.

“We at Mrembo Africa are thrilled and proud to partner in our shared mission with our Rwandan sisters in Songa Designs,” explains Alice Eshuchi, Mrembo Africa founder. ” This is an exciting opportunity to see diverse traditional skills manifested in the crafts of the women of Africa being channeled into new markets.”

After working with companies like Songa Designs and Mrembo, many artisans are able to use their new income to purchase things for the home like running water or electricity to support their families.

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