Six Tips to Avoid Skipping your Workouts

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Around this time of the year, as opportunities arise to trade in daily workouts for work, and personal extracurricular activities, you may be tempted to skip your workout and derail your health and fitness goals.

To help keep you focused on your ultimate fitness goals and ensure your workout commitments stay intact, incorporate the following techniques for continued health and fitness throughout the year.

Change it Up: If your workouts are getting dull, start off fresh by trying a new workout routine or activity. Do you current routine backwards, or cut it into thirds and move the thirds around in the workout. If you’re lacking motivation and looking for a social outlet, challenge a friend, colleague or family member to pair up so you don’t have to go it solo. Or, one-on-one personal training can keep you on track with a customized workout and nutrition plan designed to meet your specific health and fitness goals.

Pen it In: Regularly scheduled workouts make exercising a priority in your busy life and turn a tentative penciled in obligation into an inked commitment. By making routine fitness appointments with yourself, you eliminate the urge to second guess yourself or make excuses for bailing on your workout. When you build your time budget, make sure that this is in it.

Buddy Up: When a friend is relying on you to show up for your workout each and every day, you are less likely to skip out on your fitness routine. Find a buddy to work out with to increase your accountability, add a social aspect to your routine and have someone to share the journey with to overall health and fitness. The extra push you get from someone in the trench with you, can and will reignite any dormant fitness flames.

GO when you don’t want to: The mental boost you get from fighting off the bailout thoughts is extremely rewarding. Once you get started; and your heart rate comes up, and those endorphins start dancing about, suddenly you’re alive again. Some of my best workouts came on the back of not wanting, or feeling up to it. The physical and mental boost was enormous.

Scale it Back: While you would love to have a full hour to work out every session, you know that isn’t always possible. Instead of bailing on your workout, when your schedule gets tight, opt for a scaled-down version of your regular routine. Focus on quality over quantity by reducing the number of exercises you do, but increase the intensity of the exercises so you can still get in a good sweat even when you’re limited on time.

Reward Yourself: To stay motivated with your workout routine, it’s important to focus your outlook and approach on positive measures. Reward yourself with positive reinforcement each time you reach a health and fitness goal and celebrate your successes when you accomplish major fitness milestones. Seeking a reward and then receiving the reward is a good mental motivator.

Stay on track with your fitness routine by implementing the above fitness tips into your daily life. You will be glad you did when the weather allows for more and more revealing attire. Plus, your mental state of mind will be upbeat and positive as you will know that you conquered the temptations to miss workouts that create set backs. It is a great feeling of both visual and mental accomplishments.

If you need help with keeping your workout commitments, give us a call to re-commit yourself to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. Fitness Together Mission Hills offers personal training with qualified professionals by regular appointment in private suites. Exercise and nutritional programs are custom designed to fit your needs and abilities. Call (619) 794-0014 for more information or to schedule a free fitness diagnostic and private training session. See what others are saying about us on Yelp and San Diego City Search.

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