Living Artfully With Heart!

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Too often those who seek to perform kind acts have a subliminal reward or personal return in mind. They offer “kind” acts done with a self-seeking ulterior motive in mind (think donation to charity for the purpose of tax deductions!). Living artfully with true and good heart requires that you perform genuine acts of kindness with no care for a return, neither emotional, financial or otherwise. There are zero expectations.

The real return or gift is that being genuinely kind will mean that you will be filled with grace. Some call this joy; others simply refer to it as good karma. Whatever you choose to call it, artful acts make the world spin a little more gently and create earthly harmony.

Actually, if you are genuinely kind the rewards are life long and come back in spades, the universe will notice.

Each new day, ask yourself, “How can I contribute?” Walk through your days with artful eyes that will speak to a kind mind. See the needs of others, open your heart to feel their story, empathize with their situation. The more you feel for others the more you will feel that YOUR life is what it should be.

Are you in need of emotional therapy? Feeling down, depressed? Honest and random acts of kindness are truly the best medicine.

I like to tell the story of my own Mother who mentored me in this way of kindness. Often, when driving me to school, or wherever, she would stop the car abruptly and rush out to help an aged person cross the road, or help someone in any kind of need. One day a lady was struggling up a steep hill with a loaded laundry basket going to the laundromat. Just like Mom, she stopped, put the lady and the load in the car and took her to the laundromat. I will never forget it.

Getting involved with strangers is often something folks avoid. I know…you don’t know them. Well, that is the point. As part of the human race we are all bound to each other. It is our responsibility, a global one, to help others in need. Truly, it is the best help you can offer, giving to a stranger.

Reach out. Cross the line especially when you know that a family member or friend, who are too proud to ask, and you know they need help. Once I knew my sister needed assistance and I knew she would not ask. So I silently sent her money anonymously, that felt so good. Share the wealth; share your good fortune. As Barbara Streisand said in “Hello Dolly,” “Think of it as manure and spread it around!”

Other kind acts may be so random that it may not even occur to you that they were kind. Save the bug you might have squashed. Pet the lonely dog behind the fence. Water a dying plant. Pick up other people’s trash. Be kind and chat with a child or elder. Say “hi” to strangers. Feed a crumb to a bird.

In conclusion, I encourage you to seek out ways that you can make a difference in the world. Be the change. Start by being kind and offering heartfelt generosity. As another saying goes, “Love me when I least deserve it, ‘cause that’s when I need it the most.” Enjoy the love that surrounds you and share it this Valentine’s month. You never know how your good heart will change the entire day of another. Blessings to you.

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