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Living Artfully with Color

Concetta Antico

Concetta Antico

Short of donning a red satin cape and running around the green grass in a spray of complementary colors shouting “Van Gogh forever!,” what can you do on a daily basis to add a little more color to your life?

As you know I’m the World’s First Tetrachromat Artist (which means I see up to 99 million more colors than the average vision), so color is my “thang,” so they say. As a result I have spent my life immersed in a rainbow world that has not only been visually satisfying to me but has added a good measure of gaiety as well! As we tend to be creatures of habit, it’s easy to fall into “grey” color patterns, so this month I would like to talk about color change…

For most, comfort lies in the usual so reaching for something a little multi-colored avant garde can be a stretch (but an OH so exciting one!). Ladies, drip yourselves in the latest faux baubles and bangles in electrifying hues. It will be hard for you to pass by without turning many a head. Gentlemen, forget the red sports car, how about a lime green auto instead.

Some of you may know that I set the trend to add color to your hair several years ago. The blue, violet, emerald and pink strands I added to my coif I now find to be a reinvention of who I am and a statement of what I love; the complete me. The added personal color speaks of my personality and my gift, of my career and my choices. In fact with colored hair (which is now the pop culture and celebrity fashion rage), I am able to be more authentic and have more fun. Who says blondes are the only ones now?

So let’s talk about how you can add a surprise color-something to your living space. No need to reinvent the entire room, what about an orange spot of rug, a yellow accent curtain, a chartreuse chair or some turquoise throw pillows? Even a bunch of hot pink flowers can add magic to your household moments and color-greet you every day. Yep – color is cheerful!

I live in a yellow, purple and green house and I’m super elated by it. Interestingly when I first moved in and painted it, the jury was out. Some were delighted and told me that I had created the “happy corner” in town and produced a much needed first for the subdued Mission Hills color mantra. Others it made quite uncomfortable, not knowing what to think of the difference. Some professed downright dislike.

As we know something out of the ordinary can take a little while to become accustomed to. A decade later and an established garden, it is astounding to me how many residents applaud the metamorphosis of my magical haven. Many even tell me that they make sure they pass by my house to bring on a smile. Truly, when the wisteria is in full bloom and it complements the gold and green gables, it is nothing short of my own brick and mortar masterpiece. One of my greatest creations!

Making vibrant color part of your daily fare requires change, which I know for many can be difficult. However if you get playful with pigments, the visual and emotional rewards are rich. Don’t go the way of the monotone masses – stand unique.

So, what is your favorite color and where do you have it where you can see and enjoy it regularly? Perhaps it’s teal – do you get into a teal sheeted bed every night? Have you added teal dyed salts to your daily bath? Is a room in your house painted teal? Do you wear teal shoes or ties?

In this scientific age, our color options are endless. Color is abundant in the marketing choices that we can have. Blue eyes one day, green the next. How about a pair of green striped socks? You don’t need to wait until St. Patrick’s Day to flaunt those.

One thing I love about my father-in-law is that every time I see him, he is wearing a different pastel shirt. I love him in lavender! It always makes me comment how I love his style and that always makes him feel really good. I don’t know if we’d always have that same greeting and giggle if he wasn’t as liberal with his color choices. Coincidentally, his name is Art. So maybe his name has rubbed off on his eye-popping personal wardrobe. Mmmm…

True, my super vision is what inspires me amplify the color that truly exists in our world, but it is Mother Nature who is extraordinary in her original color choices. So let’s fall in line with the planet’s palette. Take a lead from the bright and beautiful colors that greet you every day in every way when you immerse yourself in the beauty of our natural world.

The peacock doesn’t have to be the only one to parade its plumes. So can you! If you want to learn more about color, get creative, artists understand the way of it… and the wonder. If you haven’t found your color avenue yet, come see me and we can chat in happy hue language all day long.

I welcome your feedback and would love to hear how you have added that special color sauce to spice up your life. Oh and by the way – do stop by my Salon of Art from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday May 9 as I take the spectacular color of flowers and place them in perpetual bloom in oil on canvas. It’s to celebrate this year’s annual Mission Hills Garden Walk. See you there. Remember to live colorfully.


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